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Conversation: I Made a Few Hundred Million. I Lost a Few Hundred Million

Small Biz AdviceFebruary 28, 2005By

Nothing captures the essence of the Dot Com era quite like these 12 words. They are the opening lines in Wayne McVicker’s book Starting Something : An Entrepreneurs Tale of Control, Confrontation Corporate Culture

Wayne recently spoke with us informally about what it felt like starting a business which went public during the heady days of the Dot Com boom in the late ’90s. With co-hosts Anita Campbell and Steve Rucinski.

 About Wayne McVicker

He is an architect, writer and entrepreneur. He serves as an executive and board member at his newest enterprise, Attainia, which he co-founded in 2001. He has 25 years of experience in the design, health care, and IT industries. McVicker’s five-year-long wild ride as co-founder, board member, and president of Neoforma (NASDAQ: NEOF) is the basis for his book.  He lives with his wife and two sons in Silicon Valley, California.

Visit Wayne’s site at: Starting Something.

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