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Small Business Trends Radio: Eminent Domain — Who’s Taking Your Property

Andrew Langer, Director of Regulatory Affairs for NFIBDid you know that since the mid-90’s that there have been over 10,000 cases of Eminent Domain (Government seizure of private property) that have occurred to private property owners many of which are small businesses?

Did you know that Eminent Domain issues started to be important as early as the mid-nineteenth century?

Did you know that all a governing body has to do is prove that a new use of your property would generate more taxes than your use does in order to win an eminent domain claim?

Listen to this critically important topic on this Small Business Trends Radio segment as Anita Campbell and Andrew Langer of the NFIB ( discuss current trends in this area and talk directly with a small business owner, Nancy Kurdziel from East Lansing, Michigan about her personal family business situation and what she has been and is doing to fight back!

Go here to listen to this information-packed conversation about Eminent Domain with Andrew Langer of the NFIB.

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