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Small Business Radio: How to Stay in Business While Serving the Small Business Marketplace

Barb Cagley of SCK

Host Anita Campbell interviews Barb Cagley of technology and design firm SCK (

With over 25 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, the small business market is just too big to ignore. But how do you find, sell and serve this market and still stay profitable?

In this conversation, Barb Cagley explains how her business has successfully served small businesses over the years and the lessons learned: what to do and not to do. Learn from her lessons and increase your odds for success in the small business marketplace.

Learn the two key secrets to profitable success, why a tight proposal and contract is even more important with a small business than a large business, and what to do when you are perceived as being “too expensive.”

Go here to learn more and listen to this information-packed conversation with Anita Campbell and Barb Cagley..

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