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Small Business Trends Radio: The Mobile Entrepreneur – Equipping Your Office for Maximum Mobility

Ramon Ray of Smallbiztechnology.comHost Anita Campbell interviews Ramon Ray of in this edition of Small Business Trends Radio.

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about these Blackberry devices or Treos? Or wondered what are those strange looking earpieces you see people walking around with looking like they are talking to themselves?

Do you take photos with your phone? Instant message to your clients or check a press release on the internet with your phone in the lobby of a customer’s office?

If not you may be missing out on some mobile technology tools that could give your small business a real competitive edge. But like any tool there are risks in using them and it takes informed risks to get the best return on any investment.

Listen to this information packed conversation and you will be more informed and smarter about how to leverage technology for businesses benefit. Take the time and listen now!

Go here to learn more and listen to “The Mobile Entrepreneur – Equipping Your Office for Maximum Mobility” with Ramon Ray..

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