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Site Face Lift in Progress

As you can see we are doing a little face lift on the site at the moment. We’re upgrading to the new version of WordPress.

We are also branding the site to reflect that it is the online home of Small Business Trends Radio. So the design will be similar to the design at Small Business Trends, the parent website.

If you recall we had a nature header here previously as the site design. It was pleasant enough, with a sunset and birds, but it just did not reflect the radio program.

Bear with us — the site will be back in good shape soon.

By the way, this site face lift does not affect the radio programs in any way — we look forward to tomorrow’s program with guest David Lorenzo.

One Response to “Site Face Lift in Progress”

  1. Kare anderson Says:

    My editor has been enjoying your site and nuggets of ideas, as have I… and we both LOVE the streamlined new look and functionality. Your “Talking Points” feature sure pulls us into wanting to hear the interview. I’ve been telling folks about your service whenever I speak to audiences of Sm. Biz owners – or those that sell to them.
    You continue to be a trailblazer, Anita.

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