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The Starbucks Moment – How Random Encounters Lead to Closing Deals

Two days ago you presented a proposal to someone you hope will soon be a new client. You stopped by your favorite Starbucks for coffee this morning and the prospect was two people ahead of you in line.

David Lorenzo of Career IntensityWhat do you do? Should you say hello, or wait for the person to see you and then say hello. If you do say hello what do you say next? How can you optimize this random encounter?

Now take it to the next level. You know this person goes to Starbucks regularly — how do you use that knowledge to ‘manufacture’ a random encounter and use it effectively?

What makes these situations so valuable, and how can you optimize them?

That is what this week’s conversation is all about. Join Anita Campbell with guest David Lorenzo, author of a new book called Career Intensity as he provides practical answers to the questions above and more.

Go here to listen to “Master the Random Business Encounter.”

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