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Podcast Advertising…Your Path to the Small Business Market?

It is a crowded marketing message world we live in. Some studies say we are exposed to thousands of messages every day. How do you cut through and get your message to your target market? Maybe Podcast Advertising is something to think about.

Now no podcast has mass market numbers (yet) what Podcasts do provide is a very focused audience. In the case of Small Business Trends Radio and any other Podcast, people listen because they CHOOSE to. This can be an advantage if you can find (or create) a Podcast that serves your market specifically. Here are some interesting facts about Podcast advertising recently released:

Blog, podcast and RSS advertising are the fastest growing segments of the alternative media industry, as combined spending surged 198.4 percent to $20.4 million in 2005, according to a new report by custom media researcher PQ Media. Aggregate spending on the three alternative media segments is projected to grow another 144.9 percent to $49.8 million in 2006, the report found.

Podcast advertising is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 154.4 percent to $327 million in 2010, while blog ad spending will rise 78.4 percent to $300.4 million in the same time frame.

With new tools for creating, finding and listening to Podcasts being announced almost every day this new medium might be something worth investigating for your business. If we can help let us know.

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