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You Have a Big Voice… Small Business Advocacy

Steve Millard of COSELou Licata of COSEYou are a small business owner, do you know you have a big voice? Small business owners like you around the world band together in advocacy groups to influence governmental and business organizations.

Did you know that in the USA, on average, 30% of the retail price of any item is related to regulation and taxes? In addition the cost in the USA of regulatory requirements for a small business is $7,000 per employee.

Steve Millard (above on the left) and Lou Licata (above on the right) of the 16,000-member small business organization COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises) are the guests of host Anita Campbell on this episode of Small Business Trends Radio.

Anita and her guests share with you the best practices of one of the largest small business groups in the USA and what it is doing to serve its members and what are the key issues, strategies and actions they are taking to Speak with a Big Voice for small business.

Go to read more and listen to: Small Business Advocacy … Speaking with a Big Voice

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