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Show Prep for Your Big Show Biz Break

There’s an old Hollywood bromide that goes, Never follow kids or animals. These are tough acts to follow.

The Dreamer on the mikes

So when your big break comes, steer clear of kids and animals. Even the professionals have trouble with this.

A few years ago, Your Business Blogger and Charmaine and the 18 month-old Dreamer kicked off a press conference for Congressman Bill Archer who was introducing tax cut legislation. As I droned waxed eloquent, the little Dreamer got distracted by the microphones. With their soft, inviting, spongy covers.

So she reached out and gave the mike cover a good squishy squeeze. And when she did, the sound guy connected to the respective mike let out a yelp, jerking his head phones off. Squeezing the mike cover pegged the audio needles. Deafening the sound man.

And then she moved to the next mike. Then the next. Working across the podium, destroying ear drums of the most expensive tech talent in your nation’s capital.

Head phones were flying.

Grown men were crying.

In pain.

Others were crying from laughter.

Nobody remembers what I said or what the Congressman said. Not that this is news.

But here’s your lesson as you prepare for radio interviews. Lock the dog away. Ignore the barking.

Lock the kids away. Ignore the screaming.

Lock the wife Send the wife to Nordstroms.

Alert Readers will recall that political consultants Mary Matalin and James Carville would sometimes conduct radio interviews from their home with their wee ones noisily playing underfoot. Distracting, and not everyone can pull this off. They are battle-hardened professionals. You’re not.

Take no chances when your big break beckons.

And as the British say, “Break a leg!”


PS Happy Father’s Day! Be sure to visit Father’s Day on Eternal Patrol for another speech by Your Business Blogger. This one had gun shots fired. No one was hurt.

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