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Make Telecommuting Work for You

Michael Dees, President of Esecurity-DirectThis is part 3 of our series on ‘Productive Employees and Happy Bosses” with Michael Dees of Michael takes on the topic of Telecommuting, from who should do it, to the technology you need, to providing support and training.

A key word to describe telecommuting is flexibility. Telecommuting is a technology-enabled workplace alternative that allows work day freedoms, and enables valuable uninterrupted work time. It can help improve communications with nearly everyone you deal with, can help balance family and work time, and can improve overall work quality and performance.

You can benefit from telecommuting by:

  • Gaining a sense of trust and belonging within the organization.
  • Increasing work output through uninterrupted work.
  • Mastering new ways of communicating.
  • Eliminating commuter stress on telecommuting days.
  • Allowing you the flexibility to work when it is best for you.
  • Allowing more time with your family.
  • Finally, telecommuting instills a feeling of implicit trust between the owner/manager and the telecommuter, empowering you with the flexibility to meet your strategic goals with maximum efficiency.

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