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Podcast Review: Entrepreneur’s Journey

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about Entrepreneur’s Journey by Yaro Starek a young entrepreneur from Australia who operates several Internet business.

Description: Like the companion blog and website the Entrepreneur’s Journey podcast is aimed at those interested in Internet business and entrepreneurship with 35 podcasts available covering topics from Enthusiasm for Business and Life to How to Launch a New Product.

Comments: With podcasts ranging from ‘how-to’ discussions on particular topics to interviews with prominent CEO’s and executives, Entrepreneur’s Journey brings a great deal of practical advice to the listener.

Each podcast has its own notes page providing some textual explanation to the content contained in the audio. Opportunities abound to help you subscribe to the podcast through your favorite RSS reader or by signing up for email notification.

The podcast are professionally produced, some use of music is applied and the quality of the audio is excellent. Shows are of various lengths, 20-40 minutes on average.

Pluses: I like Yaro’s style of communicating, personal, authentic, entertaining and very focused on providing the listener with valuable information. The site is first class and usually populated with listener comments so you can check them out for comments before committing to listening to any particular show.

Minuses: I could not find much room for improvement except my wish for more great podcasts.

We recommend that you add Entrepreneur’s Journey to your list of sources for small business information.

3 Responses to “Podcast Review: Entrepreneur’s Journey”

  1. jake challenor Says:

    Great article. I edit a web based small business television channel and magazine in Australia – ‘I’m Boss TV’.

    There are some great articles and TV segments on young entrepreneurs. Feel free to take a look and send through any feedback.

    And feel free to submit any articles for consideration across any of the categories. We’re always looking for content and contributors from around the globe.

    – Jake Challenor

  2. Steve Rucinski Says:

    Thanks for the comment Jake, I will be in touch.

  3. Internet Business Blog | Says:

    Entrepreneur’s Journey Podcast Reviewed At Small Business Trends Radio

    A quick heads up and thank you to Steven Rucinski from Small Business Trends Radio for his short and kind review of my podcast – Podcast Review: Entrepreneur’s Journey.
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