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Protecting Assets

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Imagine you are competing for a large RFP at a significant prospect and you save your copies of the proposal drafts on a memory stick, you are traveling to deliver the proposal in the morning so you put the memory stick in your pocket to take home, then you meet your family for dinner. You expect to win the deal, life is good.

You wake up the next morning and discover you cannot find the memory stick, it must have fallen out at the restaurant. Now what do you do? Winning this client is critical.

Michael Dees, President of Esecurity-DirectThis is just one small scenario of how a business asset can be put at risk and impact a business. I am sure each of us can think of situations we or others have had that are similar.

What can a small business do to identify and protect its assets and IP (Intellectual Property) effectively, how does one even assess the risks you might be under?

For the answer to these questions and more you need to listen to Part 4 of our series on ‘Productive Employees and Happy Bosses” with Michael Dees of

Start to protect YOUR assets by reading more and listening to Part 4 Protect Your Assets and IP

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