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Small Business Healthcare – The Patient is Ill

Fewer and fewer small businesses can afford to offer their employees and many times themselves healthcare insurance. The cost of healthcare insurance continues to increase annually at a double digit percentage with no end in sight. Something has to change!

Dawn Rivers Baker of Microenterprisejournal.comIf you are motivated to do something about it then start by increasing your knowledge of the problem and the governments efforts to adress the issue. We have Dawn Rivers Baker of as our guest on this show and she knows this topic inside and out.

Dawn has followed this problem for years and she knows the political players, the legislation track and inside information on all of the gamesmanship that surrounds this criticial issue.

After listening you might feel better or you might feel worse about the problem, regardless you will be better informed and ready to take action.

Packed with timely information and advice, read more and listen to The Unhealthy State of Small Business Healthcare.

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