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Podcast Review: HBR Ideacast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Podcast HBR Ideacast by Harvard Business Review.

Description: The HBR IdeaCast™ is a free biweekly podcast featuring breakthrough management ideas and commentary from the editors and authors of Harvard Business School Publishing.

Comments: This is a well produced and information-packed podcast. They just made the 8th show available and it discusses leading through conflict and setting priorities effectively. Music is used well at the introduction and the sound quality is very good for listening.

Other covered topics include hiring effectively, sales, decision making, retaining top performers, negotiating, customer satisfaction and more.

Pluses: The information providers are some of the top authors and experts available today. Each show provides valuable information as well as a preview to an authors book or and editors perpective on the named topic.

The topics and discussion level is at a general level, not necessarily small or large business focused but more about the challenges all businesses face, the content ‘scales’ well and can serve a broad audience.

If you listen on your PC the audio is streaming so it starts very rapidly — that is very nice. The ability to subscibe via RSS and podcast aggregators is clearly presented.

Minuses: I think the website could provide more information on the length of the podcast and provide a clearer path on how to download for listening at a later time.

If you want to listen on your computer the player is clearly visible, I wish there were more controls so I could rewind and fast forward to a piece of content I want to repeat or jump to.

We recommend that you check out the HBR Ideacast and subscribe!

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