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Podcast Review: Great Big Small Business Show

Podcast ReviewsSeptember 18, 2006By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Podcast, Great Big Small Business Show.

Description:Your small business is our passion. We’re dedicated to providing tools and ideas for you.

Comments: This is a really interesting idea, this podcasts takes inputs from 5 or more individual contributors and weaves them together into one podcast. Each week there is a different theme addressed by the various content providers. (what some of us call this is a mash-up)

Some of the topics addressed in the podcast are: organization, delegation, customer service, networking and more. Each contributed segment is no longer than 5 minutes meaning the entire show averages 30-35 minutes.

Pluses: The quality of the audio is well done and the host Becky McCray does an excellent job of hosting and facilitating the flow from each segment.

I also like the fact that the audio plays immediately from a link on the site, or I can launch it to play in a seperate window or a link for downloading is supplied at the end of each podcast post. RSS feeds, comments, archives are all clearly evident.

As a plus almost all segments come with accessable notes or transcript of the content so you can have a take away to use if the information is of real value to you.

Finally, a really nice touch is a phone number listed to provide feedback or inputs, I have not seen this on any other podcast. Listener feedback what a concept!

Minuses: I cannot control my location in the podcast in the player provided, sometimes I like to fast forward or rewind to get to a particular content area.

Overall I highly recommend that you give add the Great Big Small Business Show to your arsenal of must listen podcasts.

Truth in Reviewing Statement: I must inform you that I am a contributor to this podcast.

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