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Becoming a Virtual Freelancer

Small Biz AdviceSeptember 19, 2006By

Do you have an interest in becoming a virtual freelancer and working on projects or tasks as an independent contractor?

Does the idea of home-based freelancing appeal to you and would you like to find out more about how to find opportunities, filter through the 90% of home-based business schemes that are really scams and learn about the real work that is available?

Michael Haaren of 2secondcommute.comThen this is the show for you, our guest is Michael Haaren, Co-Founder of Staffcentrix and Editor of the Rat Race Rebellion, a weekly bulletin of screened, home-based freelance projects and jobs. (

Michael shares his insight about the trends, the advantages and the pitfalls of being a home-based freelancer or what we call virtual-freelancer.

Michael has even made a special offer to all Small Business Trends Radio visitors and listeners.

Until October 12 go to this link: SPECIAL OFFER and enter the discount code SMBSHOW and save 15% off the subscription price of The Rat Race Rebellion.

Listen and learn more about Becoming a Virtual Freelancer

One Response to “Becoming a Virtual Freelancer”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks for a great show, Michael. I found the detailed information that you provided regarding the online scams to be particularly interesting. Everyone should have a listen. . .

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