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Going on Radio or TV? Get Your Small Business Ready

Your Business Blogger was honored to be the Master of Ceremonies at a recent fundraising event. Donors were called, Honorary Sponsors highlighted, invitations mailed, the room readied. There was one thing left to do.

Invite C-SPAN.

As I talked with the producer in making the request, I was reminded of a recent article featuring the book Setting the Table reviewed by Jack Covert in the 800-CEO-READ Blog.

The only thing worse than being turned down by a big media outlet … might actually be getting the gig. Be careful what you pray for: Your marketing dream come true could be a nightmare.

Jack Covert tells the vignette of restaurateur Danny Meyer’s appearance on NBC’s Today Show. Here Jack quotes Danny,

I am not naturally inclined to send out a lot of emails whenever I’m going to be on television. (To her chagrin, I usually don’t even remember to tell my mother.) [B]ut by not forewarning anyone that day, I … failed to give my team adequate warning …The seven-minute segment on Today caused the day’s lunch business at Shake Shack to soar, and our staff had no idea what had hit them,…or how to prepare for it. … turning what should have been a public relations triumph into a fiasco.

Your radio or TV appearance will produce thousands or millions of ad impressions. Here are five quick action items to capitalize and monetize Your Big ShowBiz Break.

1) Mention to your clients. Your sales force is forever pestering you for something new; an excuse to visit or call on customers. This is it.

2) Tell your friends. And they will tell their friends. And etc. and etc. And that network will get done what those budget-busting dreamers in your marketing department should have been doing all along.

3) Alert your staff. If the stars align (that would be you among them) the team is in for a Peak Experience.

4) Warn your suppliers. Ask them if last minute emergency deliveries could be done at below-monopoly pricing — after all, you are a Celebrity. And the supplier might get a Celebrity Endorsement. Or Product Placement. No promises…but you never know…

And remember your website.

Charlie Jarvis, a CEO of a non-profit here in DC was on a cable talk-show. He gave a barn-burning presentation that produced 100,000 hits in a few minutes on his modest-traffic site.

Which, as Alert Readers would guess, melted down his servers.

A high quality problem to be sure, but it could have been avoided by anticipating demand.

5) Call your mother. And the rest of the relatives. Your warm-body network should be a part of your marketing team and cheerleading squad. She’d appreciate the call anyway.


Your Business Blogger, center.

With the warning and reminder from 800-CEO-READ Blog, my non-profit was able to profit quite well.

And your business will profit too.

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