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Improve Web Sales with Google Analytics

So you have a website and it’s getting traffic.  Awesome!  And you think visitors are using the site the way you intended for them to, but you’re not quite sure. . . 

Do you think improvements could be made but aren’t sure where to start?

What you need is a website analytics program, or in plain english – a tool to help you know more about your website traffic and your visitors.  What are they doing and where they are going?  One of the best analytics programs out there is Google Analytics.  Best of all – it’s absolutely FREEand our special guest is here to teach you how to make the most of it.

Jerri Ledford, Co-Author of the book, “Google Analytics,” joins us for an in-depth discussion on the topic.  Jerri’s book, “Google Analytics” is a how-to book for beginning users of the Google Analytics program.  Google Analytics is packed with easy to understand information, graphs and charts that will allow you to optimize your website to attract more traffic and convert more visitors to buyers.

Update:  Since Jerri has joined us for this interview, she has Co-Authored another book, “Google Analytics 2.0.” 

– You can listen to Jerri’s interview by clicking the red and yellow player below –


2 Responses to “Improve Web Sales with Google Analytics”

  1. Chris Says:

    This was a very nice show, Jerri, and I will be looking into the Google Analytics software program. The information it provides seems to be a valuable tool for anyone operating a website.

  2. Sanjay Kumar Says:

    To be totally honest, I’m using Google Analytics and I find that it’s difficult to get the level of detail I want on traffic. I can certainly get good roll-ups, but the detail is what you need to be effective and trying to extract it from Google is like pulling teeth. Some of what you need may be there, but it’s buried under 8-10 levels of navigation.

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