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Podcast Review: Recognized Expert Marketing Show

Podcast ReviewsNovember 27, 2006By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Recognized Expert Marketing Show featuring Bob Sommers.

Description: Over 100 marketing shows with people who want to help you become an expert in your field?

Comments: With shows ranging in length from 20-40 minutes this podcast show covers an incredibly wide range of topics. The format is the host questioning an expert who shares practical information for your benefit. Some sample topics you will find are:

– The Role of Compliments in Your Business
– Writing Authentic Copy that Sells
– Building an On-Line Community
– Success from the Inside Out
– The Eight Denominations of Value

Sound quality is good and Bob does a very nice job pulling the maximum value from each guest for his listeners.

Pluses: The content is really the strong feature of this podcast but the website is well done, as well.

Each show has a home page small preview and a neat icon categorization scheme that helps you instantly tell what the topic area is.

I also like how he has made links to shows by date and by topic. That makes it very easy for me to rapidly scan a large number of shows to find the ones most relevant to me.

Minuses: I wish the notes about the content of each show were just a little bit longer and that the audio did not require a full download before it began to play.

Recommendation: Want to become an expert in your field? Then you should give a serious listen to some of this show’s great content at Recognized Expert Marketing Show

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