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Are Business Podcasts on Your “Reading” List?

Small Biz AdviceDecember 11, 2006By

I was just tickled to see that Anne-Marie Nichols has Small Business Trends Radio on her reading, er listening, list. She writes:

More and more business gurus from Belinda Ellsworth to Jack Canfield say to read one book a week to improve your life or get more knowledgeable about your business.

Why keep it to books? How about blogs and podcasts, too?

Hear, hear! That sounds like a splendid idea, Anne-Marie, to have podcasts on your list of business material to consume. Thank you for including us.

Audio podcasts fill a need for times when we either don’t want to read or can’t read, such as when we are exercising. Finally the cost structure has come down to the point that audio can be recorded and distributed quickly and inexpensively, and can be listened to easily. Net result: more audio more widely available for all.

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