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Citizen Marketing – The Most Effective Form of Marketing

MarketingJanuary 21, 2007By

jackiehuba202x183.jpgYou already know that positive word-of-mouth from your customers to their friends and associates can be the best marketing your small business can ever get.

Did you know that your business can use internet technologies, like blogs, social media sites, online videos and social networking websites to amplify this word-of-mouth marketing for you?

Our guest in this show, Author and word-of-mouth expert, Jackie Huba, will discuss how the outlaws of culture are using the latest in online technologies to become centers of influence.

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One Response to “Citizen Marketing – The Most Effective Form of Marketing”

  1. Chris Says:

    There is a great deal of insight to be gained from this episode. There are definitely benefits to be gained through participation with citizen marketers as well.

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