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Podcast Review: Biz Link Radio

Podcast ReviewsFebruary 19, 2007By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Biz Link Radio Podcast

Description: Weekly conversations with successful entrepreneurs and business executives.

Comments: I am highlighting this podcast as a good example of what a small business can do with podcasts as a marketing tool. This podcast is produced and distributed by a business called Virtual Tape Drive from Canada.

The show uses an interview format to extract practical information from their guests. Production values are good (sound quality, music, etc.).

Each interview is about 20 minutes in length and covers such topics as:

– How to use a marketing and PR firm
– How do you use event marketing effectively
– How can you use astrology to help you catch trends
– How to choose and work with a business coach

Providing a nice blend of business advice from experts and also commentary on being an entrepreneur this show covers many aspects of being successful in your business.

Pluses: A beautifully simple but very functional website with instant play, subscriptions, photos, show notes and more. I also like how they have weaved into a couple of the shows special promotions for the listeners.

Minuses: No show length indicator and I found the sound to be a little uneven, meaning a guest is sometimes softer in volume than a host. Be ready with your volume control.

Recommendation: With very good content that is easy to access and also serving as a good example of podcasting for other small businesses this is a show worth the time to listen to. Check out the Biz Link Radio Podcast.

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