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Podcast Review: I’m Boss TV

Podcast ReviewsFebruary 25, 2007By

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the I’m Boss TV Podcast

Description: Providing small business information in three media types, audio, video and print.

Comments: I know the name sounds video oriented and there is video content on this site, in fact, there is video, audio and print all focused on small business.

This Austrailian based small business site covers and incredible range of small business topics such as:

– Small Business News
– Regional Business News
– The Web Watch
– Business Coaching
– Sales and Marketing
– Technology and Communication

and much more. All forms of media are professionally done, as I like to say, ‘Great Production Values.”

The site is easy to use, 3 big navigation buttons on the top of the page take you to your preferred media choice. There are good show notes, subscribing to the content form you like is obvious and my favorite, instant play of the audio is available.

Pluses: The biggest plus is the incredible volume of content provided, second is the easy to navigate and to use website.

Minuses: The overdone use of the I’m Boss graphic in the banner ads, if you get both the top and right side ads and the page logo all at the same time it is distracting.

Recommendation: This is definitely a thumbs up, positive recommendation. The content volume is so large it is definitely worth exploring. Check out the I’m Boss Podcast today.

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