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Podcast Review: The Podcast Academy

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the The Podcast Academy.

Description: This podcast is all about Podcasting itself, they strive to cover the industry to help us all be better podcasters.

Comments: If you are a current podcaster or an aspiring one then you need to check out this podcast.

With some of the top players in the industry today they share an incredible wealth of knowledge about how to successfully podcast.

Some of the topics covered are:

– Post Production with Audacity
– Podcasts as an Investor Relations Tool
– Using Format to Engage the Listener
– Integrating Podcasts into the Marketing Mix
– Podcast Advertising Sales and more…

From discussion panels to interviews to single person monologues this is a very content rich series of shows. The production values are good with good sound, energized speakers and even a little music mixed in now and then.

Pluses: All of the features I like are available with this podcast, instant play, good show notes, speaker bio’s, show length, even a rating system is applied to each show. I especially like the ‘highest rated’ link list in the left side column.

Minuses: Not much to say here, there is an intermediate page between the home page and the show page that asks you to sign up as a subscriber but they make it easy to skip if you don’t want to sign up.

Recommendation: I will be listening to this site regularly as I think there is some great content to help us make Small Business Trends Radio the best internet radio program and podcast available. If you have any interest in podcasting I would check out The Podcast Academy.

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