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PodcastingMarch 9, 2007By

Small Business Trends Radio Show transcripts are now available from selected shows. Transcripts are a written source of information and resources from the audio shows.

On our radio transcripts page, we give away a transcript as a sample, and we will periodically swap out that sample from time to time. Our newest sample transcript is from our radio show that aired on January 23, 2007 – Why Hackers Love Small Businesses.

TranscriptWe have placed a small transcript icon next to the shows that have transcripts available on our past shows index pages, which is a smaller version of the transcript icon pictured here. For your convenience, we have created a central transcript page that lists all of the transcripts currently available.

Our radio show transcripts are another feature that we have added here at Small Business Trends to provide information for our listeners and visitors. We hope you enjoy them.

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