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Podcast Review: Guerilla Marketing Radio

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Guerilla Marketing Radio Podcast

Description: Guerrilla Marketing Minutes are brief interviews with Jay Conrad Levinson, the founder of Guerrilla Marketing. Each segment is delivered in a 1-3 minute question and answer format that covers a key Guerrilla Marketing idea, principle, tactic, or strategy

Comments: It seems like the Guerrilla Marketing brand had been around forever and it keeps going strong. These short but content packed podcasts are easy to digest and straight to the point.

No fancy production values here, the sound is even kind of echo filled but still understandable. Mr. Levinson covers such topics as:

– What Do People Want Online?
– Avoiding Advertising Mistakes
– How To Be An Exceptional Guerrilla Marketer
– How Many Guerrilla Marketing Weapons Are There?
– How to Write Great Marketing Copy
– How To Use Creativity in Marketing and much more…

*Caution to get more than the last 10 podcasts you have to sign up for a free membership.

Pluses: Very good content, delivered quickly which is perfect for our audio snack bite appetites. The audio also plays quickly.

The website is simple but functional and subscription options are readily available, you can also access the vast wealth of other forms of Guerrilla Marketing information through the podcast site.

Minuses: I would rather not have to subscribe to the email list to get access to more Podcasts and will my RSS reader pick them up if I do?

Note: The gold Podcast button you will see is the same as the ‘download’ function you see with other Podcast sites.

Recommendation: Like all good Podcasts it is the content that rules and that is the case here, no matter the environment around it, content always wins the day for me. I highly recommend you check out the Guerilla Marketing Radio Podcast.

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