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Podcast Review: Kiplinger Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Kiplinger Podcast

Description: Kiplinger’s Personal Finance podcasts are updated every other Tuesday. They feature audio versions of the top stories from the latest issue of the magazine by the same name.

Comments: The Podcast version of the financial media powerhouse Kiplinger — these podcasts have high production values, excellent content and easy accessibility. Covering such topics as:

– Take a Flier on a Friend? Great things can happen when you help start a company. So can total failure.

– Yes, You Can Make a Million. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you earn a salary, take a lesson (or two) from the people who made it.Opportunities in Housing Slowdown

– Opportunities in Housing Slowdown. Investing in a foreclosure can be rewarding, but not a sure thing.

Delivered primarily in a monologue format covering both personal and business related topics this Podcast might serve best those who have no time for reading the magazine.

Pluses: Great website, instant play, lots of show notes, subscription options and full transcripts (really the articles) and last but not least, very relevant financial content.

Minuses: I find that the monologue delivery style can get monotonous at times and there isn’t much entertainment value. Feels too much like mainstream media, not very personal.

Recommendation: You cannot question the content, which is key. If you need to access easy to digest financial information you can’t go wrong with the Kiplinger Podcast.

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