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Podcast Review: Marketing Voices

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Marketing Voices Podcast

Description: Providing weekly perspectives on social media marketing.

Comments: Hosted by Jennifer Jones the Marketing Voices podcast provides the listener (and sometimes viewer) the very latest information on the use of online social media.

If you are exploring or planning on integrating social media into your marketing plan this is a good place to learn.

Covering topics such as:

– Blogging Evangelism Advice From Guy Kawasaki
– Social Media Programs in a Professional Services World
– Social Networking is Like Air Says Market Guru Charlene Li
– Teens and Social Media
– SEO: The Best Way To Get People to Your Website

Each podcast ranges from 10 to 20 minutes in length and almost always follows an interview format. Sometimes the content is captured live at trade shows or in someones backyard.

Pluses: Content, content, content is the real strength of this podcast, there are over 30 different podcasts on the first page alone and they contain information from some of the top leaders of social marketing today.

The website is outstanding. Clear show summary, rapid play with photos, easy to subscribe, show times and a personal page for each podcast are all available. Bookmarks, tags and clearly marked download buttons are there for your use.

Minuses: This is tough, the only comment is that once or twice on the sample’s I tried the sound was difficult to hear without really cranking the volume.

Recommendation: If social media or even just the internet is in your plans you owe it to yourself to absorb some of the great content on the Marketing Voices Podcast.

One Response to “Podcast Review: Marketing Voices”

  1. Barry Says:

    It’s great to see content driven material online in a format anyone can follow.



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