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Podcast Review: I’m There for You Baby

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the I’m There for You Baby Podcast

Description: The entrepreneur’s guide to the galaxy by Neil Senturia and Barbara Bry. Everyone today must think like an entrepreneur whether it’s in your own business, a large company or a non-profit organization

Comments: With a very energetic format, great production values and a tongue-in-cheek attitude Neil and Barbara bring you a wealth of rich content all centered around entrepreneurism.

Each show lasts about 50 minutes and usually consists of different segments with different guests and topics. With almost 40 shows for your listening pleasure with such topics as:

– Peter Shea, Publisher and CEO Entrepreneur Magazine
– Rebecca Dolan, San Diego Girl Scout
– John E. Johnson and Anne Marie Smith, Authors The 60 Minute Strategic Plan
– Alan Deutschman, Author Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life

On average there are 3 guests per show so there are over 150 total guests and topics to choose from. This Podcast is recorded live on the radio and so has good pacing and exhibits very good preparation in order to better serve the listener.

Pluses: Content is the real plus, the delivery is easy to take as well, great energy in the delivery. Nice website, lots of notes, pictures, bio’s of guests and other information about the shows. Instant play in Windows Media Player is available as well as download of the audio files.

Minuses: I found the website was kind of ackward to negotiate and the deeper I got the more lost I felt.

Recommendation: If you want a diverse choice of entrepreneurial information delivered in an entertaining and enjoyable manner then the I’m There for You Baby Podcast is one you should check out.

One Response to “Podcast Review: I’m There for You Baby”

  1. Chris Says:

    I agree, there is a lot of energy in the show and I also liked the fact that there were 3 different guests in short intervals that were brief and to the point.

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