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PeerSight Leadership Spotlight: Making the Most of CEO Time

ManagingMay 10, 2007By

Peersight, A CEO Organization

This week the PeerSight Leadership Spotlight shines on David Rust, a PeerSight facilitator who has been working with Peersight for about 1 year and also as a business coach for 5 years.

David shares details about his role as a Peersight facilitator and how he helps CEOs optimize their time working together. In addition David shared 3 things he would advise every CEO to do:

1) Have a simple plan
2) Have measurements for the plan
3) Meet weekly to review the measurements

Check out our PeerSight Leadership Spotlight page to get informed and inspired. Click below to listen to David.

2 Responses to “PeerSight Leadership Spotlight: Making the Most of CEO Time”

  1. Chris Says:

    These segments are very inspiring to me and I am always able to pull their positive message into my own business practices. Particularly, I find that David’s message of meeting weekly to review progress is very important, indeed. This not only helps your employees to stay in line with the company’s goals – but also yourself, as a leader and enables you to keep items from “slipping through the cracks.”

  2. EJMalyn Says:

    I found lisenting to all 4 interviews very informative, as well as very helpful in better understanding how CEO’S work together. Thank You!

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