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When Conversation is Everywhere – A Way to Keep Track

Blogging, MarketingAugust 8, 2007By

Marc Meyer on Conversation is Everywhere.Blogging is a useful way to promote your products, services, and build your brand. People are talking, people are typing and conversation is everywhere. Critical information, reactions, and discussion abound. This leaves you with the daily task of figuring out what’s important and sorting through it all. Staying informed is key — and knowledge is power.

Our featured guest in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio is Marc Meyer, Co-Founder of Activeweave, Inc. Marc explains how companies can tap into the blogosphere to stay informed about their competition, market and audience.

Here is a sampling from the show:

  • A blog — builds trust. By offering news and expertise regarding your products, services, and your industry. Your individuality counts and being a “stuffed shirt” doesn’t draw attention. It’s character and flair that are interesting and your personality is a reflection of your brand. Do not fear exposing a bit of your “true self” within your blog and your writings. By revealing your individuality, potential customers will begin to build a rapport and trust. They are more likely to conduct business with you.
  • Negative comments — on your blog are an opportunity for you to assist your customers and go the extra mile. If someone has used your product or services and commented regarding dissatisfaction or trouble they may have had, this creates an opportunity for you to contact them directly to assist. Many times, those customers will return to your site and “sing your praises.”
  • Many tools — are available to you to monitor the response to your blog, products, and competitors. Google Alerts, Google Reader, and Blogrovr are just some of the tools to help you do this by alerting you to content that is related to your interests. Blogrovr will suggest posts from other blogs without you searching for them. It offers convenience by scouring the web and working behind the scenes for you. Write about, and link to, articles on larger sites related to your niche. Place the Blogrovr button on your site and when customers visit the larger sites, it will direct them to your article.
  • Staying informed — is crucial to building a successful business. Taking advantage of the tools and services available to you can alleviate the time and effort involved and streamline the process for you. It’s important that you stay on top of the buzz surrounding your products and services so that you can engage current and potential customers and interact within the community in your industry.

Marc has a lot of insights to share with you along with more information regarding the tools that are available to you. To experience Marc’s insights, and tips, click the player below to listen to the full interview. And stay tuned at the end of the program for Today’s Trend: The Broader World Of Social Networking.

5 Responses to “When Conversation is Everywhere – A Way to Keep Track”

  1. Chris Says:

    We Guide you on examination techniques, common and unique industry issues, business practices, industry terminology and other information to assist your business improvement

  2. Chris Says:

    I really found this show quite useful. Marc shared many great tips and insights for streamlining the process of keeping track. He provided a lot of nice suggestions and helpful resources. Thanks, Marc – I’m using Blogrovr now and it’s really neat!

  3. Amanda Says:

    I too found this interview very useful. I am going to have to give the Google alerts function a try.

  4. EJMalyn Says:

    Great insights and tips, I also would like to thank Marc for sharing. Good program.

  5. Marc Meyer Says:

    Thanks all and thanks Anita. It was truly a lot of fun to chat with you all. Keep in touch, and let us know how we can make blogrovr better for you.

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