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Podcast Review: The Podcast Sisters Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Podcast Sisters Podcast.

Description: Anna Farmery, Krishna De and Heather Gorringe are the Podcast Sisters and they produce this small business focused podcast. Sometimes together, sometimes not, always with great and valuable content for the small business owner.

Comments: Well produced audio, some music and fun banter but mostly good conversation and great guests who contribute great content.

Self labeled the Podcast for Non-Geeks they cover the gambit in new marketing technologies and tools for small business. Here is a quick list of some recent shows:

– Future of Podcasting
– Facebook For Small Business
– Marketing Through Webinars
– What is Second Life?
– Increasing Readers to your Blog

There are dozens more shows for you to peruse and crank up your small business marketing knowledge. Packed with action items to use for success, good stuff.

Pluses: The content is good, some of my favorite topics are covered in depth. The website is really a blog with valuable information that also has great Podcasts. Multiple ways to subscribe are evident and lots of Web 2.0 widgets are running to view, try and learn from.

Minuses: I had a hard time identifying the instant play. It is in the right hand column labeled ‘Menu Bar’ and shows a label. At first I thought it needed a download, it does not, it plays the audio and gives you access to the archives.

Recommendation: If your not a geek but are looking to better understand and use today’s technologies for your small business then check out The Podcast Sisters Podcast.

4 Responses to “Podcast Review: The Podcast Sisters Podcast”

  1. Krishna De Says:

    Steve – thank you so much for featuring our show in your Podcast Review – we are honoured that you included us.

    Our goal is to provide great content for our listeners and have fun working together when doing so.

    thanks for all that you do at Small Business Rends Radio.

  2. Chris Says:

    I thought their site was very nice as well. Easy to view, read and understand. It’s really a nice podcast.

  3. EJMalyn Says:

    Agree, Not being a geek I did find this to be really great reading, really held my interest and is very easy to view. Great Job!!!

  4. Anna Farmery Says:

    Steve – I think you have an excellent point on the player as well, I will remedy that!

    Thanks again from another sister!


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