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Podcast Review: Beermat Radio Podcast

Podcast Review

This week’s Podcast Review is about the Beermat Radio Podcast.

Description: Beermat Radio, in association with the Financial Times, is a series of unique business radio shows. They talk to successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s and thought leaders about their lives and businesses.

Comments: These Podcasts are very professional produced, the sound is great, particularly the capture of the voices. There are small commercials once in a while in the audio but they are non-intrusive.

This is the first site I have reviewed that has a blend of Free and Fee podcasts. The 10 minute versions are Free and the long version has a cost per podcast (35 minutes in length) or you can buy a membership for access.

The website is excellent with links to a bunch of free stuff, subscription choices are clear and explained, the show notes are kind of thin but all things are designed to get you to the audio. Here is a sampling of topics:

– Mindy Gibbins Klein: The Book Midwife
– Christine Comaford-Lynch: Rules for Renegades
– Eric Edmeades: The Entrepreneur Adventurer
– Andrew Bishop: FX, spuds and rock’n’roll

There are about 75 shows in all currently available on a wide range of topics.

Pluses: I like the content, I am partial to the British accents as well, they sound so formal even when they are not. The clean website is nice and the pictures of the authors is a nice touch as well.

I think they have done a nice job of making the short, free versions of the show still good and valuable.

Minuses: There is no instant play available except on the home page and then only of the latest show, otherwise you have to download the file to listen on your computer.

I would also like to see the content categorized so I can get to my chosen topic quicker. There is a search box but it has a strange label on it and could not tell if it would search show content.

Recommendation: I think this show is worth exploring as the content is quite good. I would suggest that you give the Beermat Radio Podcast a try.

3 Responses to “Podcast Review: Beermat Radio Podcast”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I agree with Steve on the instant play. I immediately exit if there is no instant play on podcasts. I think it’s an important aspect that many podcasts bloggers overlook.

  2. EJMalyn Says:

    Links are excellent, but no instant play is a problem for me.

  3. Mike Southon Says:

    Hi Steve, and many thanks indeed for your very kind review of our podcasts!

    Mike Southon

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