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The Technology You NEED in 2008 (and the stuff to avoid)

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Ramon Ray on The Technology You NEED in 2008 (and the stuff to avoid). There’s a lot of technology out there today to aide our daily business and personal lives. But is it really necessary to own all of it? What proves useful and what is simply an unnecessary luxury? What technology is worth it’s weight in gold?

Brent Leary on The Technology You NEED in 2008 (and the stuff to avoid).Tech gurus Ramon Ray, Editor of Small Biz Technology, and Brent Leary, Host of Business Technology Radio, outline the hottest trends in technology for your small business in 2008.

Together, Ramon and Brent explain which technology to spend your precious time and money on – and which technology is best to avoid.JumpUp

Here is a sampling from this special edition:

  • Where are we headed with wireless services? — Many are finding wireless services such as Bluetooth very useful. And we’re going to see many more wireless services such as dashboard printers, smartcards, hand held devices and data access devices in 2008.
  • What is happening with the PC? — As Broadband increases, it’s possible that, at least for business, computers will become somewhat disposable in the future. As content is pushed off the hard drive and onto the Internet, we will come to rely less and less on a PC.
  • What’s happening with software as a service? — Online data backup, blogging services and collaboration services are all in demand right now as many small businesses are finding them useful. We will surely be seeing more of these services in 2008.
  • What about virtual phone systems? — Many of these services are perfect for small businesses with 10 or less employees. They are cost effective, easy to use, give a professional impression and offer a lot of flexibility with regards to services that are available. This market will increase in popularity with small businesses in 2008.

Ramon and Brent touch on many more technologies in this interview and share a wealth of insight and information. Unfamiliar with new technologies? Want to learn more about existing technologies? Then be sure to listen to Ramon and Brent by clicking the player below.

3 Responses to “The Technology You NEED in 2008 (and the stuff to avoid)”

  1. EJMalyn Says:

    What a great interview. There certainly is so much to be learned about new and existing technology out there. Thank you Ramon and Brent for sharing

  2. Barbara Cipak Says:

    I certainly agree on the growth of virtual phone systems, I’ve noticed that myself.

  3. What Does Technology Have In Store For 2008? Says:

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