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Do You Really Know Who You Just Hired?

Robert Morris on Who Did You Just Hire? So you’ve just completed a daunting recruitment process and you’re excited because you’ve finally found the perfect candidate. Or did you?

Do you really know who you just hired? Have you ensured that they do not have a criminal background? Did you ask questions during the interview process that can determine the applicant’s honesty and integrity? Uh oh. . .maybe you’ve overlooked something.

Robert Morris has joined us as our featured guest in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio. As Founder and Chairman of The In-House Group, Robert really cuts through to the heart of the matter when determining someone’s personality and integrity.JumpUp

Robert provides detailed answers to these important questions and more:

  • Are there triggers that signal trouble on the application? — Did they sign it? Did they answer criminal questions? Did they fail to explain employment gaps or provide incomplete information? Robert sheds some insight and explains what to look for.
  • Are there key questions that are designed to ensure honesty and integrity? — You may be surprised. Making a few things known to the applicant right up front and posing a few deliberate questions can be beneficial. Applicant responses can be key indicators.
  • Should you take body language into account? — Ask yourself: Is the applicant breaking eye contact repeatedly? Are they extremely nervous or evasive? Not everyone will be hiding something, but excessive behaviors may be indicators that something is amiss.
  • What’s the importance of a reference check? — Past job performance can be an important predictor of future success. Robert has some tips for you.

Here’s a Safe Hiring Guildline to use, provided by Les Rosen of Employment Screening Resources, for your next hire.

Don’t think your employees are hiding anything from you? Did you conduct the application and interview process correctly to properly ensure this? Find out by listening to Robert’s interview and click the player below.

4 Responses to “Do You Really Know Who You Just Hired?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    This is a very informative interview. Robert gives a ton of useful help on how to hire. I also found the Jump Up tip of the week helpful. I am going to check out the Safe Hiring Guideline right now.

  2. Chris Says:

    He provided some real action steps and “red flags” that were very insightful and that hiring guideline is a bonus. I’ve experienced interviews where questions posed were probably asked to search for honesty. But I think it’s a wise thing to do and don’t mind it one bit.

    I had someone ask me one time years ago if I had ever taken things like pencils, tablets or anything of that nature from a workplace home with me. (Guess they experienced a depleting stock room situation.) But more than likely, it was to see if I was honest.

    Who hasn’t absent mindedly walked off with a pen or pencil before, ya’ know? If you say no, it almost sounds ridiculous. (But I must admit, it almost made me feel like a criminal to be honest and say, “Yes, I imagine I probably have walked off with a pen or something at some point over the years.”) Because truthfully, I probably have.

    Anyone else ever have an off-beat question asked to detect honesty?

  3. EJMalyn Says:

    I personally am very big on eye contact, that tells me a lot about a person. I would love hearing what other recruiters have to say about this and how this affects their decision.

  4. Chris Says:

    I don’t know about recruiters, however with myself personally, eye contact is everything. If you can’t make it and keep it. . .something’s amiss. Looks like your guilty or hiding something.

    And most times in those situations, I find out that they are!

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