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Trouble Structuring Your Rates?

JumpUpFebruary 8, 2008By

Like many other service providers, you may have trouble structuring your rates and determining how to charge for your time.

Kira Wampler, Marketing and Community Leader at, provides a tip for how to do this using the sixty five, twenty five, ten rule.

Take a moment to hear the rule by listening to Kira’s tips by clicking the player below.

2 Responses to “Trouble Structuring Your Rates?”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I like these “quick-and-dirty” tips from JumpUp!

    I have sent an email with the link to the post to one of our customer. He has created a time report system for small and mid-size companies. (in Swedish)

  2. Chris Says:

    Martin, I agree. These tips cut right to the point and I dig em’ too. And this is a great rule to use to solve that age old problem. Removes all of the second-guessing.

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