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Astrology In Business – Who Uses It?

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In a court deposition, J.P. Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do.” And Donald Reagan, former U.S. Secretary of Treasury, was quoted saying, “It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.”

Those familiar with astrology realize that it’s the study of cycles – and business follows cycles. Increasing numbers of businessmen and women all over the world rely on understanding planetary cycles to better understand the rhythms of business.

Renowned astrologer, Rick Levine, Founder of StarIQ and astrologer for, is our featured guest in this Episode of The Small Business Trends Radio. Rick is the co-author of Barnes and Noble’s yearly “Your Astrology Guides” and his daily horoscope column is delivered to millions of readers on AOL, Google, MySpace and Netscape to name a few. Rick discusses the many uses of astrology in business.

Here’s a sampling of topics discussed:

  • Astrology has made — quite an impact on Wall Street. Today, there are many Wall Street traders using astrological software to study the cycles here on earth in relation to known planetary cycles within the heavens – and with amazing correlations.
  • Astrology — has a severe public relations problem and many of us don’t realize that we ALL use astrology in one form or another. For instance, when using a calendar. There are seven days of the week, each named for one of the planets – “Sun”day, “Moon”day, “Saturn”day – derived from Latin names. “Months” is derived from “moonths,” the cycle of the moon revolving around the earth. Seasons are based on the mercury cycle as this planet travels around the sun 4 times a year, thus the 4 seasons.
  • The economy follows — a 20 year cycle – ten of expansion and ten of contraction. Most investors know these cycles, but many people don’t realize that these are known planetary cycles – very regular rhythms. Jupiter (growth and expansion – optimism) and Saturn (restriction – pessimism) align every 20 years from earth’s point of view. Investors who recognize this cycle time their investments more specifically through the assistance of astrology.

Ocean tides are an example of planetary energy effects here on earth and were once considered “magic.” But science soon discovered the correlation between the moons cycle and the effects here on earth. It was then that early sailors were able to accurately predict the tides for safer travel. A wise sailor wouldn’t paddle out to sea during incoming tides and gained the knowledge of the correct time to easily do so through the use of astrology. Astrology is less about making predictions about specific events than it is about giving you a “lay of the land” – proper timing.

By following the cycles of business, astrology can work for us in similar ways by being used as a tool to help you to work “with the tides,” instead of against them. You can learn more about the use of astrology in business by clicking the red and yellow player below and listening to Rick’s full interview.

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9 Responses to “Astrology In Business – Who Uses It?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Really great interview. Rick had me captivated the whole way thru. It was interesting to hear Rick analyze the astrogical signs of your team members. It seams to me that maybe a lot of businesses could benefit from having a similar analysis done. Would enjoy hearing from this guest again.

  2. Chris Says:

    I found this show to be quite fascinating. Especially Rick’s discussion about the Wall Street brokers and the economy cycle. Really interesting to hear. I have read some of Rick’s books and I receive his daily horoscopes via email from AOL. Really interesting to find that astrology has it’s place in the business world for many, too. Maybe the stigma will slowly lift because sadly, too many like to beat up on the topic even though it seems it’s very useful to many people.

  3. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I don’t read horoscope. Do you really believe that we “stars” have decided how we should act? I know that you could study the stars, planets, etc, on a higher level, compared with the daily horoscope in the daily newspaper. I attended a course in precious stones and the teacher’s wife studied astrology in a fascinating way.

    Have you heard about Elliott Wave theory?

  4. Chris Says:

    I don’t believe that the stars have decided how we should all act – but I do believe that the overall energy of the planets can have an effect here on earth – just like the moon affects our tides. Same thing. Energy influence. That’s what it’s all about – the “energy” of the day. And knowing what that particular energy is – can help you to act accordingly and make wiser decisions. Astrology isn’t for everyone, I understand that. But it can be of use to many who do believe in planetary effects here on earth.

  5. ms tarot Says:

    I personally think in cases of astrology its best to go with a personalized one then how most go and flock to their newspapers generalized one. Good points made 🙂

  6. Free Psychic Says:

    Great article.. I do think that with astrology it’s a bit more generalised if it’s a horoscope seen in newspapers, however I do think that its better to actually speak to an astrologer, have your own personal chart, horoscope or report done because it’s more detailed and focused within your vibrations, numbers, star sign and elements.. and with businesses, you should at least get advice and insight on a more in-depth view of the situation.

  7. Tarot Lady Says:

    I found this so interesting that I’ve been googling planet alignment to find out which cyle we’re in now and when the next cycle starts. I’m keen to use astrology to assist in business in many different ways but the average business director wants to see substantitaion and spreadsheets and would cast astrology aside in when developing their stratgies. Luckily I work for a company with an open mind.
    tarot card meanings

  8. psychicjim Says:

    Astrology is in fact an ancient science and much of its use if now forgotten.

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