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Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Starting A Business

John Holsen on Common Pitfalls When Starting A Business

Nowadays, with the Internet in place there are many entrepreneurs and “would be” entrepreneurs that have started – or want to start – their own business. But all too often, many of them fall prey to the common pitfalls and mistakes associated with a startup.

John Holsen, Founder of BizSugar, is our featured guest in this Episode of The Small Business Trends Radio. John shares lessons he’s learned from over 17 years of helping small business owners and from starting his own business ventures and he identifies common mistakes that even experienced business owners make and offers tips to help put your business back on track.

Here’s a sampling from the show:

  • Is your business going to — meet needs or demands within the market? Before starting your business, you need to ask yourself that question – and answer it with a “yes.” This is the number one mistake many entrepreneurs make. Next, find a natural advantage through partnering, associations or uniqueness of your product to assist in receiving exposure or pre-existing client bases.
  • Don’t focus on — marketing “rules.” These are simply guidelines that have been found to have more successful results but they are not written in stone and it’s important to be flexible and test what works and what doesn’t to develop a truly successful marketing strategy for your business.
  • Don’t spread yourself — too thin. Many times, entrepreneurs end up viewing everything proposed to them as an opportunity. If you’re going to say “yes” to each opportunity you encounter, make sure you have the support staff to assist you in your business and your entrepreneurial endeavors. It’s better to choose your path and stick to it to remain focused. This may require saying “no” to things you view as potential opportunities if you do not have the staff in place to assist you.

Want to learn how Bizsugar can assist you and your business? Listen to John’s full interview by clicking the red and yellow player below.

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4 Responses to “Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Starting A Business”

  1. Paula Says:

    I was so excited to hear my questions asked during the show! John gave the answers I needed to hear. Good solid advice.

    Great suggestion also to test your marketing ads. Most people take a short second to make up an ad but never follow thru. It’s very important to test and see what works.

  2. Chris Says:

    This was an excellent show and just goes to show you that what works for some, may not work for you – and thats OK. Don’t panic when a technique that someone has written a book about doesn’t work – just find what DOES work for YOU. And I think the point about spreading yourself too thin is important to recognize, too. So true.

  3. John Holsen Says:

    Thank you for the comments! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview.

  4. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    What if your small business specialty is to be good at several things and see the whole picture?

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