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Nine Levels Of Professional Growth For Women

Nine Levels Of Professional Growth For Women

Renee Amoore, CEO of The Amoore Group and author of “The Elevator of Achievement: Determination Requires a Choice,” joined us on this episode of Small Business Trends radio to share tips on how ordinary women can move up the corporate ladder by shaping their own attitudes about success, prejudice, oppression, equality, business and leadership.

Using an elevator as a metaphor, Amoore examines nine levels of personal and professional growth that create stand out leaders and lasting careers among women. They are as follows:

  • The lobby — is the central hub of the structure. This is where you center yourself and prepare to take a step into the elevator to advance yourself to the first floor.
  • In the elevator — you begin your journey. This is where you look at where you are and define where you would like to be. Determine your destination.
  • Open your voice — and incorporate positive self-talk into your workplace. Begin to speak your truths.
  • Define your leadership signature — by determining your strengths and modeling your behavior towards your goals.
  • Value people and yourself — by spreading a little “TLC” around the office and onto yourself.
  • Begin to lead others — through help, guidance and assistance.
  • Foster women as leaders — and begin to build a support network of like-minded individuals.
  • Put all the pieces together — and carry it through.

One of the biggest challenges for women is to be taken seriously. Believe in yourself – and others will believe in you, too. If you have doubts, others will see them. A positive frame of mind (and a support system of the right people to encourage you) will help you to position yourself for advancement and draw attention from your leaders for your skill and determination.

It’s important to remember: people are always watching you – and they will treat you as you treat yourself.

Renee shared a lot of very useful information and you can learn more about how you can advance your career following Renee’s advice by listening to her full interview by clicking the red and yellow player below.

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4 Responses to “Nine Levels Of Professional Growth For Women”

  1. Bianca Aquino Says:

    “It’s important to remember: people are always watching you – and they will treat you as you treat yourself.”

    Indeed, very important to remember this. Also, there is no other person who can best treat us the way we want to but only ourselves and of course, we can not give if we do not have. For instance, if we within ourselves don’t have that sense of leadership then we could never build leadership towards others.

    Well, it always begin in ourselves!

  2. Rose Anderson Says:

    I agree on that Bianca. We can not give if we don’t have. It really begin within ourselves!

  3. Amanda Says:

    Renee’s book sounds like it would be an interesting read. Her story of success and experience is encouraging as a woman myself. I was very motivated by her advice and information on gaining respect as a woman in business.

  4. Arthur Bland Says:

    I am just wondering about the first two points: “The Lobby” and “in the elevator”.

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