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Online Video Advertising: Easy And Affordable

Small Biz AdviceJanuary 13, 2009By

Online Video Advertising: Easy And Affordable

Diaz Nesamoney, CEO of Jivox, is a three-time successful entrepreneur who has spent most of his career making big-ticket technology accessible for small companies. With his most recent endeavor, Jivox, he’s helping small and local businesses across the country attract customers using online video ads.

Diaz joins host, Anita Campbell, to discuss how the Internet has made video advertising an affordable and effective tool for the smallest of businesses and to provide tips on getting started for as little as $500.

Below is a sampling from the show:

  • Video is a very effective — way to reach people and it’s popularity is increasing daily. What better way to advertise your products and services than to actually show someone?
  • When using online video advertising — the video can be distributed on premium network related sites, you can upload it to YouTube, host it on your web site, send it via email, share the ad on your blog, make it searchable, etc. The possibilities to reach others and expand your visibility with video are endless.
  • There are special features — to increase the value of your video ad. You can add a coupon to it for promotional purposes, you can choose the music and the preferred video footage as well. It takes approximately 30 minutes to create an online video ad and the best part is that you can come back later, revise it and rerun it again for an entirely different ad approach.
  • The best ad placement — is usually on pages where people browse and tend to linger and spend more time. Advertisers can see reports, charts and be given detailed information about how their effectiveness and how the ads are performing.

Diaz provides an affordable marketing solution along with the ins and outs of creating, placing and distributing the ad for a successful advertising campaign for your small business.

Listen to Diaz’s full interview by clicking the red and yellow player below now.

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14 Responses to “Online Video Advertising: Easy And Affordable”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Great information about this rising marketing trend. Video ads sound like a nice creative way to gain customers with the added bonus of costing very little to make. Diaz gives great ideas that made me go hmm…

  2. Bianca Aquino Says:

    Flip Cameras just cost less than 250 US Dollars. Can I use that for video advertising? I haven’t had seen it’s quality this is why I am wondering is it’s quality good enough to use for small business?

  3. Max Dickinson Says:

    Flip Cameras have great recording quality and can definitely be used for video advertising.

  4. Bianca Aquino Says:

    Hi Max. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate that!

  5. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Interesting trend.

    Bianca & Max: I will get a Flip camera so I could record a video clip on the move. At home I have installed a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000. It was included in my Talk Fusion video email system starter kit.

  6. Rich Says:

    Video ads can be a very effective way to market your business. On the
    other hand video ads can be boring. No one wants to watch a bland,
    uninteresting slide show; we’ve been watching those for years on

  7. Video Production Says:

    Video adverts are undoubtedly the way forward, particularly as the credit crunch continues to bite. They’re highly cost-effective and increasingly accessible to even the smallest companies!

  8. Mark Says:

    Great ideas from Diaz! Like the way he’s starting out with less than $500 bucks. I know that video advertisement marketing and link exchange is very important to small business. After getting booted off there are sites like Adwido that give you free link exchange, video uploads, and even just a simple web page that will link back to your site because getting found is everything.

  9. SD Says:

    I just stopped by the site, it was easy to get around; just took a few minutes to sign up and upload videos to the site. Thanks for the info.

  10. Lisa Thorn Says:

    Loved the article. Video has a definite place for small businesses to advertise online.

  11. Seun Says:

    There is no question about it… Video ads will be the wave of the future as they are already here. If you are a business and are looking to get your message out to your target audience Video ads are a perfect formula for this. As the major search engines spider for relevant keywords they also spider for relevant Video content. The best thing about this is that the user is already using keywords specifically relevant to the “Widget” you are trying to promote. Now your Video ad Commercials are being accessed by interested parties already in the late stages of their buying process. The more relevant places you can put your Video ads the better. A couple sites out there even allow you to advertise on their sites for free. and are a some to name a few. By doing a little more research tailored to your business the possibilities are almost endless.

  12. العاب Says:

    Video advertising is a good and efficient way to advertise, but it’s a little bit expensive especially for beginners.

  13. Helium Films Says:

    Great tips here. An extra few tips to add to the mix when marketing online are:

    1) Always be helpful to other online users. If you can be there to aid clients, friends and other businesses without trying to sell to them they will remember you for your genuine and honest help and keep you in mind for future endeavours.

    2) Try be as educational and informative as possible. If you can be a fountain of knowledge to your social media connections you’ll be able to adopt a great relationship with potential clients and it will prove to those who merely scan across your page that you are at the top of your game in your niche area of expertise.

    3) Be entertaining. Don’t go over the top to be whacky, but if you can make your connections smile and engage with them on a level they enjoy you will quickly find yourself with a trustworthy network of clients, friends and followers.

    4) Use social media to your advantage. Take up video blogging (or standard blogging), use photos to help your connections see behind your jargon of text and links and show them that there is much more to your company than meets the eye.

    5) Use different platforms to your advantage. Use LinkedIn for business, use Twitter to show your ‘human’ side, and use Facebook as a nice middle ground. If you can be approachable then your interactions online will increase.

    6) Share and share alike. If you want people to share your work, don’t ask them, merely show an interest in their work, perhaps share their articles and blogs without being asked and your selflessness will be rewarded by other businesses who see you as an honest and helpful company.

    7) Embrace social media. Use the quick connections Twitter etc supply to help quickly share your content in every corner of the web.

    I hope these quick tips help all you guys out there and I hope they benefit you in whatever way you choose to use them.

  14. Martin Says:

    From the minute I laid eyes on Slidedeck I knew I had found a great product to add to my sites. The integration with WordPress is seamless, and even in the free version hosts a bounty of functions that are pretty hard to believe.

    The integration with pages on the Groovy Like a Movie website is a very nice touch.

    Keep up the great work.

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