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100 Best Small Business Podcasts 2009

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100 Best Small Business Podcasts For 2009So much audio . . . so little time.

But alas! We have taken the guesswork out of it for you. We have chosen 100 of the most informative podcasts for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Most of the following podcasts specifically target small businesses while others have a broader business focus. All, however, are relevant to business owners and entrepreneurs.

So relax, sit back and listen!

Leadership and Management

Business Explained Podcast – By Stever Robbins. This podcast offers up-to-date business news and events from an executive viewpoint.

MeetInnovators – With Adrian Bye. This podcast includes interviews with today’s influential men and women on the Internet.

DishyMix – With Susan Bratton. Susan serves up a mix of lessons from individuals from the world of advertising, digital media, marketing, social media and more.

Help! My Business Sucks! – With Andrew Lock. Sometimes controversial, this is a weekly video podcast helping entrepreneurs to get more done while still enjoying what you do.

Total Picture Radio — With Peter Clayton. This podcast features career empowerment interviews with best-selling authors, senior executives, leadership coaches and entrepreneurs.

Project Management War Stories — With Wayne Thompson. Monthly interviews with seasoned business leaders, managers and top level executives offering advice.

Outsourcing My Small Business — With Neil Patterson and Chase Rushing. Neil and Chase cover all things related to outsourcing.

The Starbucks Experience — With Dr. Joseph A. Michelli. This podcast will provide you with practical advice from a wide variety of businesses – both large and small.

Women Power Talk Radio — With Raven Blair Davis. Celebrating women over 40, this podcast features three different shows: MLM Divas, Amazing Women in Business, and Women Power Talk.

Harvard Business Ideacast – By the publishers of Harvard Business, this podcast features ideas and suggestions from today’s leaders in business and management.

The Welch Way — With Jack and Suzy Welch. This podcast debates management and careers in today’s business world.

Financial Times Management Podcast — This podcast features interviews with the latest concepts from business school professors and other professionals.

Marketing and Sales

Product Sellers Talk Radio – With Michelle Waters. This podcast covers everything about product sales from home based business levels and up.

Marketing Over Coffee – By John Wall and Christopher Phenn. This podcast stays on top of all that’s new in the world of business marketing.

Ultimate Sales Chick Podcast – With Brooke Green. This podcast is directed towards female entrepreneurs who wish to succeed while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Hubspot TV-Inbound Marketing – With Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe. A weekly video podcast covering many of today’s timely marketing topics such as social media, blogging, SEO, landing pages, lead generation, analytics and much more.

The Invisible Hand – By Chris Gondek. This podcast discusses the ideas behind strategic thinking for effective marketing and business management.

Internet Marketing This Week – This podcast stays on top of today’s hot marketing topics and answers questions such as, “Why did YouTube go to wide screen?”

SalesRepRadio – With Dan Walker and Susan Anderson. Features interviews with sales consultants and advice on best practices.

Find and Convert – With Bernie Borges. This podcast provides a look at Internet marketing strategies and marketing with measurable results.

Sales Magic – By John James Santangelo. John helps others to learn how to be a successful salesman or saleswoman.

The SalesRoundup Podcast – This podcast is a weekly series and features all you need to learn new sales skills or simply brush up on old ones.

Internet Marketing for Professionals — Featuring Bob Sommers. This podcast features marketing interviews and discussions on a wide variety of timely topics.

The Engaging Brand — By Anna Farmery. Anna does a great job providing tips and advice on everything from personal branding, leadership, motivation and employees – to today’s Web 2.0 marketing.

InsidePR Podcast — By Terry Fallis and David Jones. This podcast is a weekly Canadian podcast about all forms of public relations – both traditional and online.

Like Nobody’s Business — By Lalita Amos. Lalita offers tips and advice and features interviews with today’s professionals on customer service and selling.

Duct Tape Marketing — By John Jantsch. John provides interviews with influential marketing professionals and those who demonstrate advanced marketing tactics.

Marketing Edge — With Albert Maruggi. This podcast features insights and advice on public relations, marketing, communication and more.

Internet Marketing Voodoo — With Paul Lewis. Paul features interviews with marketing industry players and provides transcripts of each podcast.

Internet Business Mastery – This podcast is for those who wish to leave the rat race and join the ranks of those conducting profitable Internet based businesses.

Social and Multi Media Entrepreneur – By Penny Haynes. Penny provides you with everything you need to know about marketing with today’s audio and video technology.

Sales Gravy: Power Principles – By Jeb Blount. This podcast features training and tips for producing today’s top sales professionals.

The Digital Marketer – By Aliza Sherman. Aliza encourages you to breath new life into your business using the Internet by providing tips and advice.

Operating a Small Business

No Bull Business Radio Show – With Rod Sloane. Tips and tactics to enable you to transform where you work into a serious place of business.

One Minute How-To — With George Smyth. This podcast is for those with limited time featuring 60 second clips of tips and insights.

Mind Your Own Business Podcast — With Guy Kingston. Guy discusses topics such as hourly billing, working from home, bankruptcy, business insurance and much more.

TeenBiz Podcast — By Gregg Blanchard. This podcast is for today’s young, budding entrepreneurs. Episodes feature a 10-minute segment devoted to improving student business practices and knowledge.

Small Business Administration — The SBA covers everything about business and provides a written transcript for each recording.

Small Biz Survival Podcast — By Becky McCray. Becky focuses on providing rural small business advice and discusses the realities of being a business owner in rural America.

Escape from Cubicle Nation — With Pamela Slim. Pamela shares advice on issues for those who have gone from employee – to business owner.

Entrepreneur People — Hosted by Sherry Borzo. Sherry interviews everyday entrepreneurs to share practical advice and insights.

Small Business Expo — This podcast features interviews with small business entrepreneurs on breaking out of corporate America and starting your own business.

Answers For Freelancers! — By Bob Ostrom and Chris Wilson. These two artists share decades of their experience with others on becoming a freelance artist.

Deloitte Insights Podcast – This podcast is a weekly series that explores business strategies and issues affecting your industry.

Tax and Finance

The Disciplined Investor – By Andrew Horowitz. Andrew provides very specific market advice on how to become a disciplined investor.

Money Girl – With Laura Adams. Laura motivates others to succeed providing tips on finance and real estate matters.

Accounting Best Practices — With Steve Bragg. Steve covers a broad range of accounting topics and other financial-related matters.

Kiplinger Podcast — By Kiplinger. This podcast covers personal finance topics and tips to pay attention to your finances.

Wallstreet Confidential — With Jim Cramer. This podcast is for anyone trying to build a portfolio, finance a business or build your retirement.

Marketplace — A daily dose of news on business and current economics trends affecting your business.

NPR: Planet Money Podcast – Everything you need to know or want to learn about money and finance.

CNBC’s Fast Money – By Dylan Ratigan. Dylan features broad discussions about the topic of investing.

WSJ’s Your Money Matters – This podcast by The Wall Street Journal will help you to keep your finances in tip-top shape.

Startups and Starting a Business

Venture Voice — With Gregory Galant. Gregory features straight talk from entrepreneurs with a particular focus on tech entrepreneurs.

Startup BizCast — This podcast delivers business advice in small doses – most are under 10 minutes in length.

Startup Lounge — With Scott Burkette and Michael Blake. This podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who provide tips for startups and those seeking capital.

Startup Story Radio — With Rob McNealy. A self-proclaimed startup junkie, Rob uses social media to evangelize about small businesses and entrepreneurship on his podcast.

StartupStudio — By Betsy Flanagan. Betsy interviews a wide variety of business founders ranging from Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines, to the grill meister, George Foreman.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Start Up Show — This podcast discusses all that is relevant to startups ranging from funding, to operations, to exit strategies and more.

Home Based Business

Work at Home Success – With Leslie Truex. Leslies shares business tips, tools and resources for those who work from home.

eBay and Beyond: Back to Basics – This is a live talk radio podcast for Internet and ecommerce sellers that covers the gammet.

Home Business Internet Talk Show — With host Paul Stanton. Paul covers all aspects of running a business from home and episodes range anywhere from 2 minutes to a half hour or more.

Work at Home Moms Talk Radio — With Kelly McCausey. Kelly interviews a successful WAHM (work at home mom) or business owner every Monday morning with an emphasis on Internet-based businesses.

Freelance Radio – With a panel of 4 freelance interviewers, topics are geared for those freelancing full-time, side contracting or those just starting to think about it.

I Should Be Writing – With Mur Lafferty. Mur shares tips, insights and motivation for freelance writers.

Freelance Advisor – With Darren Fell and Andy White. Darren and Andy share tips and insights from real freelancers and contractors.

Big Illustration Party Time – A new podcast discussing the inns and outs of freelance illustration and cartooning with Joshua Kemble and Kevin Cross.

Small Business Technology

CocoaCast Business – With Boris Klaydman and Vlad Pasman. This podcast takes a look at Mac technology and features discussions on small business.

SEO Rockstars – With Daron Babin. This podcast is a weekly series covering and providing a wide variety of SEO tactics.

Managing the Gray — With host C.C. Chapman. An insightful podcast providing interviews into the changing world of new media, consumer generated content and public relations.

The Force Field — With Rick Savoia. This podcast is a half hour production dedicated to the small, independent IT service provider.

Entrepreneur’s Journey — By Yaro Starak. Yaro provides specific help to those starting and running Internet businesses such as how to take payments online, sell e-books or launch a new product.

On the Record — With Eric Schwartzman. Eric discusses how information technology is changing media news and entertainment and his podcast features show notes with minute markers.

SEO 101 – Beginning SEO — By David Brown. Search engine optimization (SEO) for beginners, without overwhelming them with technical details.

Practical eCommerce — This podcast is for those attempting to grow their businesses online and provides practical tips, tools and resources including help with ecommerce software and more.

Business Opportunities and Franchises

The AuctionWally Show – AuctionWally provides timely coverage of the auction world, online and off, and provides niche business advice and interviews with leaders in the industry on antiques and collectibles.

Tips From The Top – With The Savvy Seller. Learn ecommerce and eBay tricks, tips and techniques from successful ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Ecommerce Podcast – This podcast interviews ecommerce entrepreneurs who share the lessons they’ve learned.

The eCommerce Minute Podcasts – This podcast features a daily dose of 60-second ecommerce tips to improve your business.

eBay Radio — With Jim Griffith. Jim discusses everything you ever wanted to know about doing business on eBay.

Franchise Show — With Lori Block. This podcast is for anyone in the market to start your own business and/or considering a franchise.

Franchise Business Review — This podcast shares franchise buying advice and features interviews with industry professionals and franchise owners.

“All around” Small Business Podcasts

The Small Business Podcast — With David Michaels and Daniel Miller. Using their wit and smarts, David and Daniel bring you practical tips, concepts and advice to apply to your small business.

Microbusiness News Briefs — By Dawn Rivers Baker. Dawn focuses on the needs of microbusiness owners, those with 5 employees or less.

Wall Street Journal Podcasts – Stay up-to-date on the latest business trends and changes with The Wall Street Journal.

Eye on Small Business – With K. Scanlon. A weekly radio show that features interviews with small business owners sharing practical tips and advice.

Small Business Trends Radio — Our very own show with Anita Campbell and Steve Rucinski, featuring interviews with today’s professionals on a wide variety of business topics.

Business News and The Big Picture

Inspiring Words of Encouragement – By Zig Ziglar. Zig provides encouragement and motivation for business and personal life.

The Real Story – With Frank Curzio. Frank discusses stocks and headlines keeping you current in today’s investing and trading.

The Contrary Public Speaker – With LeeAundra Temescu. This podcasts focus specializes in public speaking, business presentation, training and executive presence.

Killer Innovations — With Phil McKinney. Phil covers all things “innovation” and offers thought provoking ideas for entrepreneurs.

WallStreet Unspun – By Peter Schiff. Peter provides the market outlook and a dose of current news events.

World Business News – By BBC World Service. This podcast provides in-depth analysis of global business developments and trends that affect consumers, investors and the environment at large.

Business Week — Ten different shows are offered and literally hundreds of recordings to choose from all relating to business.

TIME Business Podcast — This podcast covers business stories addressing executive interests from technology to management to small business.

New York Times Podcasts — The New York Times offers over a dozen podcasts on topics ranging from personal technology, international news, book reviews and the backstories behind NYT published articles.

Marketplace – By American Public Media. This podcast brings you the latest and most talked about headlines in business news today.

WSJ’s This Morning – The Wall Street Journal brings you the morning’s top business and finance news.

CNNMoney – This podcast provides a wealth of finance information, advice, tips and tactics to apply to your business and personal life.

Business Week Cover Stories – Business Week provides coverage of current business news and backstories behind the business week covers.

For more, you can visit our previous list of 100 small business audio podcasts from 2007.

We encourage you to leave suggestions for your favorites below in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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    I’m only in the beginning but the 8iFY Podcast has dug in to the lives of a few big entrepreneurs like Giggil founder Michael Cloran, GravityVenture founder Kristian Andersen, Slingshot SEO Founder Jeremy Dearringer and Emailum Founder James Paden. 8iFY Entrepreneur Interview Podcast

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    These podcasts are a great collection. I specifically enjoy Find and Convert, but really there are tons on this list that I listen to regularly. It’s been great motivation while I work!

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