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Your Social Media Fix: 50 Social Media Podcasts

Click Here for 27 Twitter Applications for Small BusinessThe world of social media is on fire. Many of us are tweeting or chatting it up on Facebook daily.

We’ve heard you loud and clear – you LOVE social media.

So for all of you “social media mavens and mavericks” out there who just can’t get enough, we have comprised a list of video and audio podcasts with a focus on social media that include tips and strategies to improve your online experiences.

Whether it’s business, personal or for fun – there’s a tip for everyone.

Series Podcasts

Twooting – With Bo Bennet and Ryan Levesgue hails itself as, “the daily podcast all about Twitter.” It’s a fairly new show that has been designed to help you learn and master Twitter.

TwitCast – With Warren Whitlock. This show is about all things Twitter and covers the gamut of everything and anything you’d ever want to know about the popular social media site.

Social Media Web 2.0 Sites Exposed – With Martin Canchola. Short podcast snippets containing “how to” information on Twitter, Digg and more.

Push My Follow – With Michale Gaines and the PMG Group. Push My Follow describes itself as, “A podcast about social media and other things” and includes a good bit of content related to the use of Twitter.

Socially Speaking – With Sumaya Kazi. A weekly podcast series featuring interviews with today’s influencial “movers and shakers” in the world of social media.

Ffundercats – With Josh Haley & Johnny Worthington. A weekly series podcast that hails itself as “A Friendfeedic Convergence of Ffunderous Proportions.” Done with a dose of humor (and sometimes explicit), Josh and Johnny produce a valuable show that touches on all things FriendFeed.

School of Social Marketing, Media and More – With Ken English and Dr. Ron Capps. A nice blend of all things social media featuring discussions on Twitter, Facebook, Meehive and more.

Twitter Today – With Michelle Price. A weekly interview series where you can hear from influencial Twitter bugs and learn tips and strategies to build your following.

Social Media Strategies – With Giovanni Gallucci. A high quality video podcast series that features discussions on social bookmarking, chat rooms, forums and plenty of social media strategies.

Talk Social News – With Kipp Bodnar and Wayne Sutton. This is a nicely done weekly podcast series with updates on news and innovations occurring with the world of social media.

The Social Mediasphere – With Jim Turner. A podcast series that features reviews of social media issues and includes discussions on social media and the presidency, life without Twitter, sponsored conversations and more.

Connected World Radio – With David Turner. A weekly series produced every Tuesday and Friday featuring short snippets about various aspects on social media for business strategy.

The Social Geeks – Featuring roundtable discussions led by Chris Miller and Cordiva Raven covering the gamut of all things social related. Discussions include FeedDeck, Pownce, MobaTalk, FriendFeed, Social Mention and more.


Facebook Made Easy – With Travis Greenlee. Travis says, “Become a rockstar” on Facebook using his tips and strategies in this video tutorial series.

Twitter Handbook – With Warren Whitlock. A page of Twitter related podcasts and video podcasts by Twitter guru and co-author of Twitter Revolution, Warren Whitlock.

How To Use Twhirl, A Twitter Desktop Program – With Michael Martine. A video “how-to” tutorial on using the Twitter desktop application, Twhirl.

Using Linkedin As A Small Business Owner – By Jim Kukral. A video tutorial podcast about the social media site Linkedin – what it is and how to use it.

How to Create a Twitter Background Image – With Chris Pirillo. In this video podcast, Chris walks you through the process of creating your own unique Twitter background using Free Twitter Designer.

Famiva: Social Network For Families – A video tutorial introduction to Famiva and a walk through of features and “how-to” examples. Unfortunately, there isn’t any sound but the video instruction is helpful.

Individual Episodes

Twitter Strategies And The Twitter Handbook With Warren Whitlock – With host Rob McNealy of Startup Story Radio. An in depth interview with Warren Whitlock, co-author of the Twitter Handbook, providing tips and strategies for using Twitter.

What Not To Do When Working With Social Media – With Tim ‘Gonzo’ Gordon of Communication Steroids. Tim discusses the importance of value-driven communication and some of the pitfalls on sites such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and more.

How To Network The Easy Way With Linkedin – With Michael Senoff. A tutorial episode that features discussion on the tiers of communication, Linkedin training, how to use toolbars, features and more.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with StumbleUpon and Twitter – With Michael Martine. Learns the ins and outs of steering traffic into your blog using these two popular social media sites.

The Basics of Social Media: How to Use it to Grow Your Business – With Linda Daichendt. This episode is for those seeking new ways to promote your businesses visibility online and covers the risks along with the benefits for business.

Social Media and eCommerce – With Brian Mark. A discussion focused specifically on how you can use social media to boost and promote your ecommerce site.

Facebook Culture – With Tom Ashbrook. Facebook recently signed up its 200 millionth member. Where does it go next?

The Podcast Sisters – Anna Farmery, Krishna De & Heather Gorringe:
Twitter Revisited – With Anna Farmery and Krishna De. Anna and Krishna revisit Twitter protocol, finding conversations and participation in the “Twitterverse.”

Is It Too Late To Join The Social Media Revolution? – Anna Farmery and Krishna De talk about how getting on the social media boat can help deliver your message, bolster your reputation and build trust in the marketplace. with host Scott Fox:
LinkedIn Success Strategies – With Scott Fox. Get updated on LinkedIn’s newest tools with Scott’s interview of Lewis Howes, co-author of “LinkedWorking.”

Twitter Power Podcast with Joel Comm – With Scott Fox. Scott interviews Joel Comm about his new book, Twitter Power, that can help you put Twitter to work for your business.

Gab With The Gurus and host Connie Bennett:
LinkedIn: Gurus Jason Alba & Liz Lynch Tell You How to Use This Social Networking Tool – Gab With The Gurus, host Connie Bennett. Connie interviews Jason Alba, author of I’m on LinkedIn: Now What? and Liz Lynch, author of Smart Network: Attract a Following In Person and Online on how to use the popular social media site, LinkedIn.

Twitter Secrets: Robert Scoble, Joel Comm, Peter Shankman, Warren Whitlock, Doug MacMillan & David Mathison Dish the Scoop – With host Connie Bennett, Gab With The Gurus. This is a special hour long interview dishing Twitter secrets for both new and old Twits alike.

Diva Marketing with Toby:
Social Media Communities: Real Relationships or Illusions of Friendships? – Toby of Diva Marketing interviews Liz Strauss of Successful Blog and Nancy White of Full Circle on the value of social media friendships.

Boomers Step Into Social Media – With Toby of Diva Marketing. A discussion about the newest demographic in social media – the baby boomers.

Tech In Twenty with hosts Luis Sandoval and Jennifer Navarrete:
Social Media Mobile Apps – Tech In Twenty discusses which apps many like best and find most useful for their iPhones and Blackberry’s to stay in touch across the Net via your mobile device.

Ning, Facebook and MySpace – Tech In Twenty digs deeper into the popular social media sites to narrow down which (if not all) work best for you and the specifics on the tools they offer.

Pownce Is Gone, Facebook Owns You and YouTube Is Infected? Tech In Twenty discuss the acquisition and dismantling of Pownce, how Facebook has surpassed MySpace and the YouTube malware scare.

From Our Very Own Here At Small Business Trends

Everyone’s Twittering But Are You Plurking Yet? – Featuring Brian Wallace. Brian provides a Plurk tutorial on the ins and outs, the benefits and everything you need to know to get started plurking.

How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business – Part 1 – Featuring Shama Hyder. This is Part 1 of Shama’s Facebook tutorials on Small Business Trends Radio which focuses on the benefits for small business owners to use Facebook. Shama walks you through the beginner steps to get started on marketing your business on Facebook.

Facebook: Online Business Marketing, Advanced Tactics – Part 2 – Featuring Shama Hyder. Part 2 of Shama’s Facebook tutorials which focuses on advanced marketing tactics to expand your visibility.

Video Podcasts

How and Why To Use Twitter For Small Businesses – By Jim Kukral. A video podcast about the social media chat site, Twitter. More specifically, “how & why you should use Twitter from a small business perspective.”

B2B Buyers Are Using Social Media in a Huge Way – With Sage Lewis. In this video podcast, Sage takes a look at the affects that social media is having on B2B.

Social Media in Plain English – A overview of the world of social media told via a story about ice cream and a small town.

Social Bookmarking and Networking Using – By Jim Kukral. A video podcast “to help you understand how bizSugar works and how you can use it.”

What The Heck Is Bebo? And How Can You Use It For Business? – A how-to video podcast to get you started on Bebo and how it can benefit your business.

30 Day Challenge with Ed Dale:
FriendFeed – A video podcast lesson featuring tips and strategies on the popular social media site, FriendFeed.

YouTube – A walk-through of how to get set up and started on the popular site, YouTube.

StumbleUpon – Get signed up and start stumbling around the Net and learn how to properly use the stumble and thumb’s up buttons.

Twhirl – With Ed Dale. A video podcast about the Twitter client, Twhirl. Ed also discusses Twitters Flock browser, the Twitterbar add-on and more.

The Flock Internet Browser – Flock is a social web browser with built in social networking functions and Ed Dale introduces you to the new technology and how to use it in this video podcast.

We know there’s lots of good content out there and we couldn’t list them all here. We encourage you to leave suggestions for your favorites below in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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    Just wanted to thank you for including our podcast ‘The Basics of Social Media: How to Use it to Grow your Business’ in your list of 50 social media podcasts. Much appreciated!

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    Thanks for the blog post and listing Talk Social News as a social media podcast to listen to. We’re horned and we’ll also check out some of the other podcast you have listed.


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    Thanks for including Talk Social News in your list. We have recently switch to a daily video show format with new episodes 5 days a week. This is a great list you have put together.

    Thank you!

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    This is such a great list! Quite a few of them are in my ipod on a regular basis. 🙂

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    50 Of The Best Social Media Podcasts…

    So for all of you “social media mavens and mavericks” out there who just can’t get enough, we have comprised a list of video and audio podcasts with a focus on social media that include tips and strategies to improve your online experiences….

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