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Yelp Helps SMB Owners Manage Their Online Presence

Luther Lowe: How Yelp Helps Small Business Owners Manage Their Online Presence

Time is money – and it’s important that you spend YOUR time wisely. But many small business owners soon find themselves at a loss for time.

Luther Lowe: How Yelp Helps Small Business Owners Manage Their Online Presence

Luther Lowe, Manager of Local Business Outreach for Yelp, joins host Steve Rucinski, to share the many tools small business owners have at their disposal on Yelp to put your business’s best foot forward – all while managing your time and your online presence wisely.

Below are the questions we asked Luther in this episode:

  • (1:14) First Luther, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your background?
  • (2:07) Tell us a bit about Yelp?
  • (4:26) What makes Yelp different than other review sites?
  • (5:41) How many different review contributors have their been?
  • (6:52) Are there different categories of things that are reviewed or available?
  • (8:50) What protects business owners from attacks on their reputations by trolls and competitors?
  • (11:10) Do business owners have a voice on Yelp? Do they have the ability to respond to reviews?
  • (13:54) Are the reviews purely contextual?
  • (17:54) How can Yelp be used to help a B2B business, namely, an eCommerce Business?
  • (20:57) Why should business owners care about their reviews?
  • (23:02) Is there a way to promote coupons or special sales on Yelp?
  • (24:02) Should business owners solicit reviews from their customers?
  • (25:15) Do the reviews age? Is there a time limit for how long the review remains or is archived?
  • (27:10) What is the single most important thing a business owner should know about Yelp?

Listen to Luther’s full interview now by clicking the red and yellow player below.

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One Response to “Yelp Helps SMB Owners Manage Their Online Presence”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I thought it was a refreshing interview on how to look for business decisions online for actions offline. Maybe I could search on Yelp in order to see areas with special good customer service?

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