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Ever Wondered What Your Website Is Worth?

Small Biz AdviceSeptember 17, 2009By

What Is My Web Site Worth?If you have a blog or web site, chances are you’ve asked yourself, “I wonder what my web site is worth?”

You’re not alone and the good news is that there are brokerage services out there now that can help you to determine what your web site is worth.  As a web site owner, you should also be aware of what things you should be keeping track of in order to get the best price for it someday, too.

Debra Matthews, Senior Broker at Quiet Light Brokerage, joined Anita Campbell and Brent Leary to discuss how sites are currently valued, how the marketplace is currently reacting to web businesses for sale and what things a web business owner can do to increase their value.

If the shoe is on the other foot and you’re in the market to purchase a web site, Debra has some pointers for the buyer as well.  She advises on the information you should be requesting to see prior to making the purchase and she also discusses owner financing in depth.

Debra offers insightful advice in this episode (as well as a profit and loss spreadsheet template ) that originally aired on July 14, 2009 titled, “What Is Your Web Site Worth,” which we’ve just transcribed for your reading enjoyment.

2 Responses to “Ever Wondered What Your Website Is Worth?”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:


    The transcript of the show is a great extra feature!

  2. albertus Says:

    Hmm, how websites’ worth is being calculated is a relatively new concept beyond just using Alexa’s ratings. nice article..

    I believe these brokerage services can help companies, esp the small businesses, to reposition their web activities to reach out to a wider group of clients.

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