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Top 10 Publicity Tools For a Dollar or Less

Margie Fisher: Top 10 Publicity Tools For a Dollar or LessVisibility is important to your small business and affordable publicity is out there. There are many tools that can help you grow your business and expand its visibility today.  However, researching to discover those publicity tools can be a drain on your time – which may actually hinder your small business.

Top 10 Publicity Tools For a Dollar or LessMargie Zable Fisher, President of Zable Fisher Public Relations, joins hosts Anita Campbell and Brent Leary to share her top 10 publicity tools that cost $1 or less.  Margie also explains how to maximize your success in using them and she’s done the “dirty work” of uncovering these valuable publicity tools for you.

So, get ready to take advantage of these tools to help your small business gain visibility and grow to its full potential.

Below are the questions we asked Margie:

  • (1:40) First Margie, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your background regarding public relations?
  • (6:16) Can you walk us through these tools and give the best ways to leverage them? What are the professionals’  secrets?
  • (13:25) Is there one more tip you’d like to add about Help a Reporter?
  • (14:01) I see you reference Contact Any Celebrity, tell us about that a bit?
  • (15:39) What is The Gift List about, Margie?
  • (16:52) Let’s move on to your next tip called “Contacts on Tap.”  What’s that about?
  • (17:57) Let’s do one more before we go to the break.  This one intrigues me.  “Chases Calendar” – what is that?
  • (21:28) Let’s make sure we get through all 10 tips.  Can you talk about EzineArticles a bit?
  • (22:41) How do you actually make number seven happen?
  • (24:24) How do you go about winning an award?
  • (25:25) Number nine is “create profiles and use free social media tools,” can you discuss the importance of that?
  • (25:54) Number ten “set up and write posts on a free WordPress blog platform,” can you tell us about that?
  • (26:41) What’s the best way for people to get started with these tools?
  • (27:29) Margie, where can people find out more about your business?

Download Margie’s “Top 10 Publicity Tools For a Dollar or Less” PDF now or visit Small Business Trends where Margie wrote about her “Top 10 Publicity Tools

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