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The Number One Reason Why Businesses Underperform

Entrepreneurs, ManagingNovember 3, 2009By

Rod Johnson: The Number One Reason Why Businesses UnderperformHave you ever noticed how detrimental “silent problems” can become?  Things unspoken – they tend to eat away at people, situations and even business.  One man has recognized how silent problems, problems that are being avoided, neglected and going unnoticed, are negatively impacting small businesses in very profound ways.

Rod Johnson: The Number One Reason Why Businesses UnderperformRod Johnson, Speaker, Executive Business Coach and Author of “Without Warning: Breakthrough Strategies for Solving the Silent Problems Taking Aim at Your Organization,” joins hosts Anita Campbell and Brent Leary to share how business owners can significantly improve their organizations performance – by simply identifying and then resolving the silent problems that lie within.

Below are the questions we asked Rod:

  • (7:08) First Rod, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your background?
  • (7:51) How would you describe being a business coach?
  • (8:30) What IS the number one reason why businesses underperform?
  • (9:39) What is the difference between working FOR your business and your business working for YOU?  How would you characterize the difference between the two?
  • (10:35) What is a “silent problem?” How is that different from a “loud” one?
  • (12:52) Can you give us an example of a business owner experiencing a silent problem that is festering?
  • (16:49) How long does it take for one of those silent problems to become “loud” and noticeable for people?
  • (18:03) Who, typically, notices these problems first and feels like something should be addressed?  
  • (18:34) How long before they communicate that?
  • (19:49) What are some of the best ways that an employee can bring this to the attention of an owner who doesn’t like to hear about problems?
  • (21:12) Suppose a small business owner identifies a problem and the problem is that the organization’s manager is actually a brother-in-law . . . what can you do?
  • (23:21) So, businesses started with friends or family businesses, do they have more opportunities to develop “silent problems” than a company that isn’t structured like that?
  • (24:32) What are a couple of steps that business men and women can take to identify these “silent problems” within an organization?
  • (25:53) Are these silent problems more critical than visible ones?  Or do they not reach that impact until they become more visible?
  • (26:58) Any final thoughts to share with the audience before we finish?
  • (27:50) Rod, where can people find out more?

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6 Responses to “The Number One Reason Why Businesses Underperform”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I look forward to listen to this interview. I will listen to it during my weekend walk.

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  3. RedHotFranchises Says:

    One of the reasons Businesses underform is Fear, whether it is the fear of success or the fear of failure, fear of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to try something new, or the fear of trial and error. Fear can freeze a person dead in his or her tracks, never be afraid to trying something new.
    Failures can be expected in almost any kind of niche, and in order for one to become truly successful, Failures have to be confronted as feedback, and then try out new strategies, Only when you know what you are doing wrong can you make them right!

  4. John Sternal Says:

    Many businesses underperform because they are spread way too thin. It’s critical for these small businesses to step back and reevaluate their necessary priorities to making their operations run smoothly and profitably. Thanks for the information here, Anita and Rod. I’ll be sure to pass along much of this to my small business audience.

    John Sternal

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  6. Says:

    The Number One Reason Why Businesses Underperform | Small Business Trends Radio | Small Business Advice…

    When you start your business, your passion, the farthest thing from your mind are those little things that could eventually build up to destroy your business. Very eye opening interview about how to identify those hidden business killers….

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