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Text Message Marketing: 20x Return on Investment

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Paul Rosenfeld: Text Message Marketing: 20x Return on InvestmentPaul Rosenfeld, CEO of Fanminder, says, “Move over Facebook. So long Twitter. The year 2010 belongs to mobile marketing for the savvy small business owner.”  Paul believes that the next must-have tool for business growth is text message marketing.  Let’s face it, we’re all connected to gadgets and information 24/7 these days.  So, it only makes sense that tapping into these channels is going to be the next wave of the future.

Paul Rosenfeld: Text Message Marketing: 20x Return on InvestmentPaul joins Anita Campbell for a discussion to explain, in detail, why text message marketing, in particular, is poised to be your next must-have tool to grow your business in 2010.  Paul explains exactly how you can take easy steps to drive immediate revenues for your business.

Below are the questions we asked Paul:

  • (2:19) First, tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:58) Can you tell us exactly what mobile marketing is, for those that may not be aware?
  • (7:00) What kinds of businesses are doing mobile marketing?  Who does it work best for and who should be using it?
  • (12:02) Can you give us an example or two of how a traditional small business might use text marketing?
  • (14:18) So it’s an “opt in” by the customer for the marketing messages and they join a list for the business so that they can receive specials, discounts and more, correct?
  • (17:42) You mention that text message marketing gets a phenomenal response rate because the person receiving it has to read it to clear it, but you also mention that it’s much more effective than social media marketing.  I wonder if you could explain?
  • (21:43) As a business owner, how do you get people to sign up for your text message marketing program?
  • (24:38)  So you can find tips at
  • (24:53) Isn’t this just marketing to the younger generations?  What are the ages of people using text messaging?
  • (26:40) If you were going to pick a texting provider to help you with your marketing, what would you look for?
  • (29:10) Is there anything else you’d like to share with listeners today?

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11 Responses to “Text Message Marketing: 20x Return on Investment”

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  2. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I will listen to this interview during my weekend walk.

    Paul: I look forward to your “ping”! 🙂

  3. TxtLatino Says:

    Text Messaging increasing among Latinos
    87% of Latino households have multiple mobile phones and use them more than any other form of personal technologies on the market today.

    Text messaging has increased 59% among Latinos.

    32% are interested to highly interested in receiving mobile offers/ads.

    Over 70% of all promotional text messages are opened and read compared to less than 3% of email messages

    U.S. Latino consumers have mobile phones and buying power that is projected to exceed $1 trillion by 2010. Source: University of Georgia

    10 million Ecoupons in 6 months! A New York Times article claims that Ecoupons ”are becoming the blue-light specials for the digital age.

    97 percent of all SMS marketing messages are opened (83 percent within one hour), according to the latest cell-carrier research.

    When given a choice 39% of Latino US consumers — prefer text messages to radio or TV advertising.

    only 3% of most marketing campaigns currently have a text component

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  6. Shane Says:

    Paul is right on about the growth of mobile marketing but it is strange to say the least as to why traditional mom and pop restaurants and retail are so slow to adapt and build their lists, especially during this down economy.

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  8. mobile marketing Says:

    Text marketing is the new tread of marketing products because of uses of mobile phone. According to recent survey about 90% US people read sms and this shows how people interested in mobile. Sending sms through shared short code or own brand short code to customer helps to reach your products to customer. Short code is now used by all popular reality shows, programs, games and election campaigns to send or to populate their message to targeted audiences.

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  10. Dalilah Green Says:

    A year later and I still see the trend of SMS Marketing growing. In tourist areas small businesses have starting using Text Marketing Campaigns with a lot of success, restaurants are seeing the fruits of their SMS Campaigns.

  11. Henry Kelly III Says:

    Internet/Digital Marketing is still and emerging field that we are just scratching the surface. With any on-line technologies and field those that master the in person/offline methods also are what we call the accurate gurus of the business. They are creating a new way of branding and organization interaction thats not one sided in any direction but a holistic approach. The jobs that will flurish from this market will likely be similar to the introduction of the personal laptop or computer and also the progaming field. My suggestion for anybody is to read, learn, and innovate. Tradional techniques still apply in a digital world.

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