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Small Business Legislative Outlook: Is Washington Listening?

EntrepreneursFebruary 9, 2010By

John Panico: Virtual ResourcesKaren Kerrigan, President of the SBE Council, an advocacy and research organization dedicated to promoting small business, joins Anita Campbell for an in-depth discussion on the legislative outlook for small business.  Particularly, whether Congress and President Obama will move forward with policies that will help small businesses grow, create jobs and compete in this challenging economic environment.

Virtual Resources

Below are the questions we asked Karen:

  • (2:08) First Karen, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to lead an organization like the SBE Council?
  • (6:26) Can you bring us up to date on where the healthcare bills stand right now and what the current situation is with them?
  • (10:24) Is there anything that you’re hearing from small business owners that they need and what is the SBE Council’s position?  Can you tell us, what are you advocating at the SBC Council?
  • (17:27) Can you bring us up to date on what is going on with the stimulus package(s)?
  • (23:22) What do small business owners need to be concerned about?  What issues should they be telephoning their representatives about?
  • (30:30) Is there anything out there that is positive on the legislative or regulatory front that can give small business owners a glimmer of hope?
  • (33:44) Where can people learn more, Karen?  Is there anything that you’d like to point out?

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4 Responses to “Small Business Legislative Outlook: Is Washington Listening?”

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  2. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    Interesting interview with Karen Kerrigan. I am glad to hear that entrepreneurial ideas are spread around the world.

    Talking about spreading good ideas, have you heard about Americans for Free Choice in Medicine? This organization has been informing about HSA for a long time.

  3. Amy Cameron Says:

    I am glad this interview took place. It helps that to get an insight into what the legislative has in store for the future of small businesses especially in this time of crisis where a lot of people are anxious about what’s going to happen next.

    Amy Cameron

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