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Small Business Summit 2010

Small Business Summit 2010Small Business Summit 2010Prime Strategies and Small Biz Technology just announced their Fifth Annual Small Business Summit 2010, taking place on March 16, 2010 in New York City. The theme for this event gathering is Business & Technology: Strategies for the New Economy.

Twitter Talk! Tonight at 8PM EST @smallbiztrends, @ShashiB, @SBBuzz - hashtag #SBBuzzSince the first Summit 5 years ago, this event has attracted a loyal following of small and medium size businesses, technology providers, sponsors and media and Seth Godin headlines this year’s agenda, sharing his “Insights on Being Indispensable to Your Customers.” Marian Banker and Ramon Ray, Summit Co-Producers, join Anita Campbell and Brent Leary to share more of the details on this exciting upcoming event.

Below are the questions we asked Marian and Ramon:

  • (2:49) First Marian, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:47) Ramon, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background as well?
  • (5:03) Marian, what was the overriding point that compelled you to start the Small Business Summit with Ramon?
  • (6:39) Ramon, tell us how the progression was to grow the summit.  What was that first year like?
  • (8:21) Is that your recollection of it from last year, Brent?
  • (8:49) What do you have in store for us this year, Marian?  Any surprises?
  • (10:25) Ramon, what are the highlights?
  • (12:12) How many people are you expecting this year?
  • (14:24) Marian, what are some new things that people can expect at this year’s summit?
  • (16:20) Can you give a list of the sponsors, both new and returning?
  • (18:32) How is registration going and where can people go online and register to attend?
  • (20:51) Ramon, what would you like people to come away with from the 2010 Small Business Summit this year?
  • (21:41) Marian, 2009 was a tough year for small business and 2010 is equally tough.  What do you hope that the folks that attend the 2010 Small Business Summit to feel as they participate in this event, considering this economy is still tough?
  • (22:48) Ramon, what is the most surprising aspect of the summit from the organizer’s perspective?
  • (23:50) Anita, since you’ve been involved in several of the Small Business Summit’s, what is the most surprising thing you’ve noticed from the event?
  • (25:21) Marian, how important is networking to an event like the 2010 Small Business Summit?
  • (26:38) Ramon, where can people go to learn more?
  • (27:45) Are there going to be a lot of people tweeting so those that aren’t in attendance can stay abreast of what’s going on at the event?
  • (28:40) Brent, what is the music that you’ve chosen to open this year’s summit?

Wait, there’s even more good news! There are $99 tickets available to the first 50 people who register for the 2010 Small Business Summit using the discount code SMBTRENDS2010. Don’t miss out on this 50% savings – be sure to register and get your ticket for half price now!

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3 Responses to “Small Business Summit 2010”

  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I will listen to this podcast during my weekend walk. I will tell a friend in NYC about this summit.

  2. Christian Hammer Says:

    Great to hear about the summit.

  3. Peter Conway Says:

    Great show all around, lots of energy and great useful information. Thanks to all who helped make this happen.

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