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Attach Emotion: Move From Commodity to Experience

MarketingMarch 30, 2010By

Shane KettermanShane Ketterman asked himself, “How do you get businesses and potential entrepreneurs motivated and inspired by rethinking how business is – and how it will be in the future?” The answer to Shane’s question unveiled itself and he likes to call it “rewire.”

Gorilla ForceShane Ketterman is the Founder of Gorilla-Force and he started his businesses based on years of experience as an IT professional and his passion for marketing, social media, and being a change agent. Shane is working on an e-book on this very topic and he has appropriately titled it “Rewire.”  Shane shares his insights on how to move from commodity to experience. In other words, how to take a service or product that is viewed as a commodity – and make it an extremely valuable experience.

Below are the questions we asked Shane:

  • (2:36) First Shane, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
  • (3:39) When you were an IT professional, what did you actually do in that role?
  • (4:44) When did you start Gorilla Force?
  • (5:15) Tell us about “experience vs. commodity” and how creating an experience is different from good customer service?
  • (7:10) So the idea is that you’re adding value in other ways? 
  • (11:49) Shane, how does a business go about creating an “experience” for the customer to gain a competitive advantage?
  • (15:11) So how do you specifically create that “wow” factor?
  • (17:30) How is creating this experience for the customer impacting the bottom line and customer retention for businesses?
  • (18:42) How important is it to incorporate an offline strategy into the experience?
  • (22:06) What are some of the easiest ways for businesses to include customers into the experience?
  • (23:53) How does a company make sure they’re on the right track when creating an experience?  What are some of the biggest mistakes companies make?
  • (25:26) How easy is it to tweak the experience so that you’re doing the right thing but not going overboard?
  • (27:05) Is there any time frame that companies can use to gauge their progress on creating the customer experience?
  • (28:13) If we create the right kind of experience, how does that charge up the customer?  Does the right experience give them enough incentive to spread word-of-mouth?
  • (29:45) Shane, where can people find out more online?

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    Attach Emotion: Move From Commodity to Experience…

    Attaching emotion and creating a customer experience around a product can increase the value for the customer drastically. Learn how to implement this technique into your small business now….

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    Attach Emotion: Move From Commodity to Experience | Small Business Trends Radio | Small Business Advice

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  3. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    I liked the interview. Great example with the coffee bean and the nice cup of coffee at a restaurant of coffee shop.

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